I recently completed a book, The Cuckoo’s Calling.  Reading it took me longer than I’d originally expected and the book ended up being overdue at the library.  When I finished it, I promptly returned it, with the plan of searching for something new to read there in the library.  Lately, most of my reading has consisted of books I’ve researched and placed on hold.  Upon returning Cuckoo, I had no book awaiting me in the reserved section.  So, I did a brief library hunt.  Our Lexington library has a special section called Top Shelf.  I believe they’re books recommended by the library staff.  Most of the time, these books  seem like good choices.  I picked a couple of them and checked out, heading onto my next lunchtime errand.

I began reading one of the books I chose, The Orchid Thief.  Something seemed a bit off as I read it.  The current chapter I’m reading  offers a great deal of historical information regarding orchids.  Honestly I didn’t think that much about it, as I mostly have read the book before retiring for the night.  I’m a bit groggy post 10pm.  Well, this morning I came across a bit of interesting information.  The Orchid Thief is non-fiction.  It’s real.  A journalist’s recording of actual events.  Funny thing, the statement on the front that reads, “A true story…..” is covered by two stickers the library has applied stating which branch the book belongs to and the bar code for scanning during check out.

orchid thiefFor whatever reason, I’d originally thought the story was made up.  I simply assumed it was.  And it’s not a big deal either way.  It will, in all actuality, probably make a bit more sense from here out.  But that doesn’t make me feel any less loopy for not having a full grasp on what I’ve been reading!

Sometimes I think life is like that.  What one imagines as a made up story, realistic yet not applicable to him, can become a part of one’s life.  Situations one thinks will never happen to her.  Fictional stories one’s read about or watched in a movie.  Then, in the midst of something surreal, one realizes reality is not what he or she’d expected.

I’ve been a believer for years that one never knows what one will do until put in the situation.  Sure, you can say you’d never do this or that.  You can say you’d react in a certain manner.  You can say you’d pray or shoot the intruder or call the police or run like Helsinki.  But you really never know until it happens.  Of course, if you don’t own a gun, which I don’t, you most likely will not shoot the intruder.

There’s a certain truth in the adage, the best laid plans…….  I’ve learned that.  Through the years and recently as well.  Incidentally, a movie version of The Orchid Thief was created.  It’s title?  Adaptation.  Seems fitting, don’t you think?

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