Flapjack Friday Faves [10.11]

Happy Friday!  I am ecstatic our family is going camping today!  October is a lovely month here in Kentucky.  The forecast is great.  I’m working a half day.  Then we’re off.  To Indiana.  Which I’m confident is also lovely in October.

Here’s a list of the 26 Best Places to Pitch a Tent in the US [or in our case, our pop up trailer]

Best Places to Camp


Remember the Blondie song, Heart of Glass?  I heard it this week on the radio.  Fun times……  Anyway, it reminds me of this article, which I really like:

You have to be tough to make it

It is the duty of civilisation to allow the more delicate forms of human activity to thrive; to create environments where it is OK to be fragile. And we know, really, that it is not glass which most needs this care, it is ourselves.

For many years I was a stay at home mom.  No, my husband didn’t meantime earn bucket loads of money.  There were some sacrifices.  We still reap from those sacrifices…….  But the positives have outweighed any negatives, hands down.  Oh, and I have not been bored once in the last 19 years.  This is a great blog entry.  I honestly think if moms could get together and not be so self righteous with each other, maybe our world would change for the better.

What do you do all day?

Our family has made some conscious choices in adjusting our lifestyle, the location of our home, and where our children attend school.  So, I feel like I can adequately critique this article:

Why we send our kids to the poorest public school

My input would be this…..Don’t ever make your family a [project] or an [experiment].  Any choices you make involving the decisions mentioned in the article have to be [lifestyle] decisions.  It’s a total immersion thing.  Don’t think of yourself as a missionary or a helper or someone coming into rescue.  You’re becoming a part of the neighborhood, a part of the school, a part of people’s lives.  If you think of yourself as an outside coming in to lead the way into success….  Well, no one will like you, you’ll get hurt and you’ll eventually move out.  Most likely the worse off for it.  It’s trendy to move into urban areas now.  Don’t ever do anything substantial with your life based on trends.  You can quote me on that.

And speaking of quotes, here’s one for the weekend:


Enjoy a few days of autumn!

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