the worst battle

The worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and what you feel.

I found the above quote on my daughter’s Tumblr.  I don’t know who originated the saying.  I don’t know if you even believe it to be true.  For me though, it resonates completely.

There are things I know.  Things I believe as fact.  Yet I don’t feel them per se.

Sometimes I feel just the opposite of what I know to be true.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s difficult to rationalize.  Yet it’s how my emotions play out.

I admire those that have overcome this, or maybe have never had to deal with it.  Taming the emotions is not easy.  I’m confessing that.

Sometimes it’s the opposite and the feelings that should be there will not surface.  I can’t cry, I can’t rejoice, I can’t be what I want to be.

I’m trying to change this.  I’m trying to break through.  I’m trying to act.  Act like I feel what I know to be true.

act likeI remind myself over and over.  Act like you feel what you know to be true.  Act like you feel what you know to be true.  Act like you feel……..

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