I don’t usually write with a Sharpie

red sharpieI currently have three journals going.  By that I mean actual books I write in.  They serve different purposes.  I won’t go into all the differences, but I will say this….. I’m particular as to what pen I use in two of them.  In fact, after having one of them since January of 2011, I just at the end of September allowed myself to write in it with a non-black ink pen.  I used a brown fine tipped marker in one for the longest time, then finally switched to mainly black.  If blue ink was the only available, I over time became alright with that.  This makes me sound a bit compulsive and OCD, I know.  I don’t have any reason for this except it’s what I preferred.  In other areas of my life I am not quite so particular.

Yesterday I wrote a small entry in one of my journals using a red Sharpie.  Sharpies are serious pens.  They leak through paper, so I won’t be able to write as much on the back side of this page.  But I needed to write myself a serious message.  Something I could easily come back to.  A reminder.  Sort of my own self help therapy.

Sometimes that’s what we need.  A self speech.  A look in the mirror at oneself while firmly saying, “self, get yourself together!”  Or something written in non-erasable ink.  Bright and bold.

There are days when we are our own best advocates, mainly because we know ourselves pretty well.  I’ve included some self inspiration below.  Maybe you’ll find it helpful too.

Don’t let your past steal your present. Attitude and focus are critical factors in your success. Don’t surrender them to yesterday. – Cory Booker

Letting go.  Moving on.  Forgetting mistakes.  Starting each day anew; hopeful and fresh with anticipation.  Not at all easy to do.  Focus.focus.focus.

What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems. — John Gardner

Problems allow for opportunities.  Again, not easy to accept.

the secret

Build the new?  Where to begin?  How to begin?  Maybe it doesn’t matter where to begin…..because it’s new.

motivate yourself

I definitely don’t want to be miserable.  Motivating myself is hard.  But I will try.

Your friends are less critical of you than your partner not because they’re any kinder: they just care a lot less. – Alain de Botton

This is the kind of thing my husband tells me often.  I like to be coddled.  He likes to be real.  I’m trying to learn to be real.  And give each of us less reason to be critical.

I want to be strong.  And sometimes becoming strong requires kicking oneself in the bootie.

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