rules are made to be followed

My friend Jack posted a link to a list on Facebook. The list is Brianna Wiest’s creation and I think it’s quite good:

24 rules for being a human being in 2014

At first glance, the rules seems fairly easy to follow.  Yet when I really concentrate and consider most of them, falling back on the old adage, “rules are made to be broken” would be much easier.

After reading through a few times, words like honesty come to mind.  Honesty not only with others but with myself.  Not so easy!  Being kind.  Again, not just to others, but to myself.  I don’t always like myself so much.  Putting myself out there.  It’s easier to refrain, hold myself back, keep a distance even with those closest to me.

It’s difficult at times to live deliberately.  It’s not always natural to focus on others while at the same time focusing on my own well being.  Balance?  It’s difficult.

Some of them I’ve proudly got covered.  I can happily say I managed to get dressed every day last year!  I don’t struggle with that.  And I do read.  A lot.  So good for me.  Two down!  I’m encouraged to accomplish the more difficult rules though.  Here’s to being a follower.

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