Flapjack Friday Faves [01.10]

Happy Friday.  It’s already the 10th of January!  We are 1/3 done with the coldest month.  I suppose that’s good news for those of us who don’t like the whole Polar Vortex deal, of which I’m one.

I feel this has been a week of odd news.  Click on the links below if you’re interested:

We live in a country where there are those who think sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea is a wise diplomatic move?

My town, Lexington, KY made the news this week

The majority of my family in Oklahoma has always been Baptist, but apparently there’s something in the works for the Satan worshiper there too….

My favorite music today?  Debussy.  Ravel.  The Impressionists [in case you’re wondering, the Impressionists are not a musical group, but a musical classification…..]

What am I reading?  Currently I’m reading:

3 junesas well as

idolatry of God

Despite the weirdness of the above listed stories, this week has also been a reminder of how often people struggle.  Physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually.  We are stretched when our kids are hurt and in trouble.  We are stretched when our parents do things they shouldn’t.  People get drunk, people lose jobs and sometimes it’s their own fault and sometimes it isn’t.  Circumstances are often bleak.  And they seem even bleaker in January when it’s overcast, cold and simply gray.  So finally, a little inspiration.  Or at least these inspired me:

never let

no reactionIn other words, relax.


Have a peace filled weekend.

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