Flapjack Friday Faves [01.24]

TGIF and all that jazz.  ♪♫♪♫♪♫

There’s one week to go in January.  Pardon me if you like it, but January is my least favorite month and this particular January could actually be might least favorite month EVER.  Let me rephrase that…..  January 2014 is my least favorite month ever, so far.

And, when someone is not having the best month, well, that someone should try and cheer oneself, correct?

So, I’m enjoying a cup of Earl Gray with a spot of honey.

And I bought myself an art canvas today.  I plan to work on a project for my bathroom wall this weekend.

Tonight I look forward to earning some cash.  In a perfectly respectful way…..teaming with my daughter to provide childcare for a church group.

needtobreatheI listened to two new needtobreathe songs today.  Here’s one of them:

This past Sunday I visited the Cincinnati Museum of Art with my kids.  It’s one of our favorite places.  My son was extra elated because he accidentally came across some Goyas.  In goyathe Baroque section.  Which, if you know anything about art [no offense if you don’t], you might be as surprised to find them there as we were.  We also came face to face with some works by Degas and Renoir.  Yay for the Impressionists!

My daughter and I recently saw The Butler.  If you haven’t seen it…..well, you should.  If you’re a Caucasian, it just might make you hate your own people.

pinterest 2This has been my most popular repin on Pinterest, as of late.


My daughter is encouraging me to self promote my Etsy shop.  So here’s my shameless self promotion………  Click here and buy something!  {please}

renoir jar
speaking of Renoir…….

Current other favorites of mine are my space heater, my vintage purse I received for Christmas, the fact that as an adult I can order a kids meal at Qdoba, the bottle of red wine I have in my kitchen [it helps me sleep….], my YMCA membership because it’s too d#$m cold to run outside and oranges.  I can’t get enough oranges.  Because I grew up in Arizona and had an orange tree in my backyard.  It’s a cultural thing.  Plus they’re good for you.  And they remind me somewhere [very far from here] it’s warm outside.

Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with your favorite things.

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