a blank canvas

Tonight I find myself alone.  Not necessarily by choice, but by circumstance.  But I’m choosing not to complain.  I’m instead deciding to utilize the time in doing things I enjoy.

blank canvasYesterday I bought a canvas with the intent of creating a wall hanging for my bathroom.  There’s a piece of wall up there that I’ve wanted to fill for three years.  No time like the present, right?  So here we go.  I’ve painted the canvas a tan color.  I’ve cut out a Van Gogh print (The Bedroom) from a book.  I’ve got some paper scraps that were previously cut and will match well with this project.IMG_7037

I realize life at times offers us a blank canvas.  A wide open opportunity to make something.  As well as the realistic choice of simply placing the canvas in a closet, to be considered at a later time.

I determined to take an open night, a blank canvas of time if you will, and make the most of it.  I made myself a frittata for dinner, something I like that can be created out of what’s already in the fridge.  I pinned some of my items from my Etsy shop to Pinterest, hoping the exposure will help me sell.  I plan to practice a bit of Nocturne Op 9 No 2 by Chopin.  And of course, work on my art project.  When I wear out on all this, I’ll read.

NocturneThis past week, my counselor told me to make sure I do things I enjoy.  I’m not sure she meant to do all the things I enjoy during the course of one evening.  But then again, I’m not baking a cake or taking a hike, or visiting the new French bakery in town.  Which are also things that make me happy.  So, there will be items left to do tomorrow or in the Spring.  Or next Wednesday.

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