love {aka all you need}

I’ve found there are people passionate about The Beatles.  And there are those that simply don’t get the iconic-ness.  When my daughter mentions that some compare One Direction with The Beatles…..I cringe.  But this post is not really about the Fab Four.  The reason I mention them is their song, All You Need Is Love, which came to mind today.

I wrote in my last post my realization of God’s love.  This morning, I read this:

There is nothing in all eternity that is able to separate you from His amazing, unconditional, everlasting love.

Which is really good news.  Today though, I also realize I have many people in my life who love me.  People who care.  People who show concern.  People who listen and question and offer feedback.  People who offer assistance.

There are times when I feel really alone.  Yet, in reality, I am not.  I have to remember I am not what I feel.  During the course of one day, I feel many emotions.  Yet I can think back on the concrete examples of words spoken, gestures given, help offered, and know that factually, I am cared for.  And that fact helps enormously.

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