Where I’m going is not necessarily up to me.


Unless I disregard the good of all others but myself.  Then I can decide.

I’ve always wondered why everyone doesn’t live in San Diego.

It was six degrees in my town this morning.  Why would I choose to be here?  I am a warm weather fan.

Well, I’m here for a myriad of reasons.  Philosophical and demographic and practical.  As well as the logical stand by…….this is where I awoke this morning.

And this is where my home is.

Where I’m going carries many implications.

I’m going to work.  To pick up my daughter.  To the grocery store.  Downtown.  Across town.  To visit my son at the university.  Ohio.  A long way from here and I may not return.

Far in life.  The sky’s the limit.  Two steps back and one step forward.  Down the road less traveled.  Nowhere.

We dreamed today at work of attending a conference in California.  A road trip would be great fun.  A private jet would make it exciting.  Where we could stop along the way.  Where we would sleep when we get there.

The possibilities.  All the different where[s].

The desert and the ocean.  Mountains, places with trees.  Places you don’t want to stop and stay.   Just keep walking.  Keep driving.  Run.  Get through this stretch of road because it’s plain awful.

I talked to a friend who is going to Poland.  He just returned from Niger.  His next where is dramatic, as was his last.  I talked to a friend who is being taken on a trip.  A trip designed by someone who cares about her.  My friend doesn’t know exactly where they’re headed.  She knows Texas plays a part but there are bound to be other places.  A beginning and an end and all stops in between.

My daughter’s wheres include New York City on Sunday and the Czech Republic in the fall.

Honestly, I do not know where I’m going.  Except that Sunday I’ll drive  to Louisville.  And in May, if our dreams come true, my coworkers and I will fly to Los Angeles and see not just the Pacific but the ghetto too.

Where life will take me is yet to be determined.  It’s not entirely up to me.  At least not today.  Will it ever be?  Perhaps. And if {perhaps} was today, I’d head somewhere where it’s warmer than six degrees.

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