Flapjack Friday Faves [02.14]

Happy Friday and happy midway through February!  The month is now half over.  Which is good news if you’re a lover of Spring.  Which I am.  [yay!]

I actually made cinnamon roll flapjacks for my kids this morning.  In honor of son Jamie being home from college.  And in honor of a holiday I’m not celebrating which shall go unmentioned.

This is my current happy song:

I will assure you I haven’t experienced the best day of my life in the last 6 months.  But here’s to believing maybe I shall in the next 6…..

I walked into my office this morning and found this lovely arrangement and card:

God's love flowers

Thanks to the sweet person/people who thought of me.  I truly appreciate it.

We often say,

I am being ‘that girl’.


I’ve become ‘that woman’…. the one who……

Here’s a blog entry by someone who actually did:

Becoming That Woman by Theodora Gross

And speaking of becoming/changing/traveling forward…..  Here’s a photo in honor of that very thing:

go find yourself

What will I eat for dinner?  Rachael Ray’s Roasted Corn Tostadas, that’s what.  My kids and I love this meal.

roasted corn tostadas

Click here for recipe

I’ll close out today’s FFFs with a Susie Larson quote.  I find it quite helpful to read before going to sleep.  Perhaps it will help you too.

may you believe

May you have a weekend filled with the things you cherish.

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