Ash Wednesday.  First day of Lent.

Reminder that we’re dying.  I am ashes and dust.

But Resurrection Day is coming.

Meantime, though.  What to do in between?

Give something up?  Sacrifice?  Confess?

The word I hear….. [release].

And I answer back, [I already have].

So much.  People and things.  Dreams.  Aspirations.  Even hopes.

But it resounds.  Against the walls of my inner most thoughts.  [release]

let it goLet it go.  Let everything go.  Be calm.  At peace.  And cast off the good, bad, unspeakable.  The secrets and the sins.  The questions.  The unchangeable and the forgotten.  Even the good.  Let go of what you love and care for.  It is all God’s anyway.  Trust Him.  Don’t collect.  Don’t hoard.  Live light, with open hands.

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