alright to be sad

pink-boxing-glovesMy daughter and I cherish our Thursday nights and Saturday mornings at Fitness Boxing.  Our local YMCA offers a class, taught by a cool middle aged guy named James.  We’ve developed a fondness for James.  Perhaps partly because of our own personal James [my son/her brother].  Alas, James the boxing instructor could not teach our class this morning, due to his staying in Indianapolis after last night’s game [UK vs Univ of Louisville].  So, we had a sub.  A young man who is actually a 165 pound middle weight boxer.  James is his coach.

I don’t know his name, but our sub said something a few times today that resonated with me.

You’ll be alright.

His comments were in reference to the class and our workout, not to our life situations once we leave the exercise room.  Yet, I can’t help but think of the word……[alright].

He said it almost in one syllable.  Maybe you’ve heard young people say it……[aight] or something similar to that.

Lately, when people I know fairly well ask me how I’m doing, I often answer, “alright”.  I don’t say “fine” or “great” or “never better”.  I also don’t say I’m devastated to the point of no return.  Which, quite honestly is how I often feel, but I don’t deem it an appropriate response to a coworker at 10am on a Wednesday.

The term [alright ] seems to connotate that things are okay.

I heard the song, “Here Comes the Sun” twice today.  Once on the radio and once at Trader Joe’s.  Which is ironic because it’s rained all day.  The song has a great line, despite the silly timing:  “It’s alright.”

I have to believe, most likely because it’s how I feel…… that it’s alright to be sad.  Being sad doesn’t mean I’m despondent.  It doesn’t mean I’m about to wither away and die.  But feeling sad is realistic to my situation.  Faced with a marital separation, looking ahead toward divorce…. I have every right to be sad.  For many, many reasons.

And today, as I wrap up this week, I realize I am extremely saddened by some of the week’s occurrences.  I’ve seen friends struggle, possibly with some of the biggest issues they’ve faced to date.  I’ve seen the impact we have on those who care deeply, when we go through life’s struggles.  I’ve seen the absolute unfairness of life.  And I’m sad.  Today, I’m saddened by situations and choices.  I’m saddened because the world we live in offers no guarantees.  Only God does.

I believe completely it’s alright to be sad.  And I believe completely I’ll be alright.  Actually, I am alright.  And I am sad.  But that’s alright.  You get the picture…..

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