time and theories of

I’ve come to realize how easily the pendulum of outlook can swing.  A day can be passing quite fine.  Items checked off a list.  Accomplishments.  Meetings.  Something created.  Sent.  Hours with people I care for.  Sites seen.

Then, often abruptly, the mood can change.  Sometimes circumstance.  Sometimes an unexpected reminder that all is not as well as thought.

I am at the mercy of the actions of others.  We all are.  The domino effect.  It doesn’t mean I’m innocent or guilty or deserving.  It means I’m a citizen of the planet where awful stuff happens alongside miracles and beautiful occurrences.

Today a family I know has much to celebrate.  Birth of a daughter.  Brother-in-law suddenly a pro athlete.  Smiles, smiles all around.  Then  there’s the friend who had to make the tough decision.  Sure, those come with responsibility.   But mourning follows the next day.  Not so many smiles all around.  Heavy hearts.  Questions.  Didn’t expect to have to…..  Yet time brings another minute, then another hour.

Alterations due to free will.  So much is out of our control.  We didn’t choose it but we have to deal with it.  Smooth it over.  Make people as comfortable as possible, even though.  We hear of tragedies.  The unthinkable happening to people we know.  People we are trying to help.

We care and we don’t understand why our care doesn’t make a world of difference. I often simply do not comprehend.  Suddenly a feeling is acted upon and someone’s world changes. Long term.  For good?  For the worse?  Time will tell.

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