The plan for today.  It’s Sunday, so that means donuts after church and homemade pizza for dinner.  In between?  Homework for the girl.  House work for me.  A few errands.  Fill the car with gas.   Walk the dog because it’s a beautiful day.

Tomorrow?  Well, it’s Monday which means work for me.  School for her.  Lots going on.  Reports and projects and deadlines.  Then off to the big city for a concert.  The first college choir concert I’ve made this year.  The opportunity to hear my son.  A highlight.

Soon the college student will be home for the summer.  Son and brother returned.  We look forward to that.  His humor.  His ideas.  His music.  Our routine is good, the girl and I’s.  Our maneuvers are successful.  We’re accomplishing.  We’re achieving.  But we will enjoy his presence.

We adapt.  We formulate a plan.  A map or guide.  We manage to get through.  We are capable, fully, of charting a new course.   We are resilient.   Hiding was never considered.

We move through the house, the neighborhood, the city.  Through the day, the week, the seasons.  It’s Holy Week.  Years and years of the same rote rituals and celebrations.  Yet they mean everything.  They are traditions and maneuvers.  Yet much more.   All the people, not just me, recognizing Palm Sunday…Maundy Thursday….Good Friday.

We cling to our routine.  To what makes us the most comfortable and enables us to function.  Forward, always forward.  Because time continues.  We simply cannot stop.  Breathing or living or being.

So we make a way.  Sometimes, actually often, awkwardly.  Passing by others until we meet up with those who care and tend to help.  The familiar.  We maneuver around everyone else.

Movement.  Roads, sidewalks, paths taken.  Literally, figuratively.  We travel and we make plans to travel.  Near, far and in our minds.

Then we’re back.  Home.  Ready to face the front door when it’s time to leave.  But first a rest.  A walk through the house.  Before tomorrow and a new day’s responsibilities.  Maneuvering the rooms through the silence.  What will solitude bring?  I will maneuver through that period too.  The silent time.  I will manage.  Take advantage of the opportunities afforded.  Making a way.  Always making a way.



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