I suppose Easter is all about trust.  It’s the ultimate

You can trust me…. ~ God

Even though things grew very grim.

His friends watched Jesus die.  Publicly, brutally.  Less than a week after they’d rode into Jerusalem ready to celebrate.  Their friend Judas betrayed Jesus and also them.  Then he committed suicide.  That in itself is enough to make a week fairly rotten.  But then, on top of it all, Jesus is crucified.  Dead.  Put in a cave.  I imagine the disciples and women that kept up with the group were left wondering if anything would ever be alright again.  And they were probably very afraid.  What if the Romans or Jewish officials come after them?  Lots of confusion.  Many questions.  Did they just spend years of their lives with someone only to have it all end in a flash?

My guess is it was hard to trust God with a reckless abandon that weekend.  I know it would have been hard for me.  It’s hard for me today and I’m facing nothing like they were.  I don’t have to hide in fear.  And I already know the rest of the story, which until they saw the empty tomb, wasn’t revealed to them.

I woke hebrews 13 verseup with numbers in my head.  Calculating totals.  Wondering what the future will be like. Next Easter daughter Allie will not be at home.  This Easter looks very different from any I’ve celebrated previously.

Yet, I feel God urging me.  Prompting me to trust Him.  With today.  It will be a good day.  There are opportunities for beauty.  And to trust Him with tomorrow too.  And next year.  Trust with faith that He can handle all.  This weekend proves that, correct?




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