Flapjack Friday Faves [05.09]

I just realized I haven’t entered a Flapjack Friday Faves since April 11.  Hard to believe, yet true.  So, I begin this entry with an earnest wish to be more faithful regarding my FFFs and blogging in general.

These last few weeks have involved some firsts for me.  For example, I’d never been bitten by a cat during work hours until last week.  It happened at a place of business, in which I was waiting to pick up an order.  I made the mistake of petting their feline.  He acted as though he was enjoying the attention until [snarl.hiss.hiss] he bit my arm.  As of yet, I have not contracted rabies so I suppose all is well.  I’ve learned my lesson though and realize more than ever why I am a [dog] person.

Another first was attending a Rotary meeting.  Rotary International is going to sponsor my daughter’s exchange year abroad.  We were served lunch, then had the honor of watching her be presented with her Rotary blazer and a certificate.  A few words were spoken about her and the two other young ladies headed out next school year as well.  The event also afforded me the opportunity, along with the rest of those in attendance, to sing “Camptown Races”.  It was Kentucky Derby week, after all.

I climbed this!

This week I climbed a rock wall.  Another first.  The youth team at my workplace had a day retreat on Tuesday at the Life Adventure Center.  We also canoed, which was fun.

First time to try a new recipe?  Why yes, indeed.  I made cilantro pesto.  We [my son and I] utilized the pesto in making grilled sandwiches for dinner.  Sliced bread, monterey jack cheese, sliced tomatoes, and sliced avocado.  It was great.

cilantro pesto
Click on the photo to get recipe

A little over a week ago I realized my Etsy shop listings were expired.  I updated my site, and at the recommendation of my sweet daughter, did a bit of self promo via social networking.  Low and behold, I actually sold something.  While this is not a first, I will consider it a worthy accomplishment and I hope to continue making inroads in the [crafting] business.  And speaking of self promotion, click on this link:  {Upon.A.Sunny.Day} to check out my shop.

Another, albeit minor, accomplishment as of late is that I finally finished reading The Goldfinch.  All 775 pages.  I recommend it, if you’ve got a good deal of time on your hands and don’t mind becoming slightly depressed.

mother's day photo


I am happy it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  I plan to plant some flowers and enjoy time with the world’s 2 greatest kids.  Hope your weekend is lovely.






One thought on “Flapjack Friday Faves [05.09]

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You are a terrific mother to two of my wonderful grandchildren. I hope they pamper you to pieces! Remember, Dad and I love you and wish you a wonderful day with lots of love and hugs.

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