mother to daughter

I wrote the following as a Mother’s Day gift to my own mother:


Mother to daughter.

Lessons taught.

Words of wisdom – life is what you make it.

I thought I was past the lessons.  Old enough.  Steady.

Then one day, no.

What I thought, wasn’t.

I needed friends, and thankfully they were there.  Still are.

But even more so, I needed the people who had been there all along.

Who knew me best.  Who knew me when.  Who love me, no matter.

A mother prays from a mother’s heart.

No one else can.

Any failings, any shame.  No comparison.

Not when up against the thoughts of a mother.

Love that believes. Perseveres.

Does not give up but encourages me…pushes me, to go on.

To make a new life.

This kind of loss is felt by others.

No event or visit will ever be the same.

Memories, conversations.  Where we all thought we’d be.

I am simply not who I was.

Yet, strangely, I am.

Because a mother remembers when.  A mother helped create.

Yes, God designed.

But a mother instills.  And continues to.

For that I’m thankful.

     ~ A Mother’s Day Reflection, 2014

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