Flapjack Friday Faves [05.16]

It’s once again……….FRIDAY!  Yay.  In my pledge to keep the Flapjack Friday Faves comin’, here’s the latest…

I am fortunate in the fact my kids love to read.  Alexandre Dumas to John Green.  Dostoyevsky to Veronica Roth.  And lots in between.  So it saddens me that perhaps not as many young people are reading anymore:

Why Aren’t Teens Reading Like They Used To?

If you are like me and absolutely adore a good color wheel and/or get excited about the paint sample sheets you can [ahem] steal from Home Depot, you might enjoy this:

Before Pantone, there was this hand-painted 17th century color guide

The fact that I am a history buff helps too!

I am a Pinterest fan and frankly, if you’re one that makes fun of Pinterest, I don’t care to hear from you.  Just kidding…..I’m not that snarky.  This though, is a hilarious and truth be told, truthful posting regarding Pinterest boards.  My friend Maggie sent it my way:

15 More Honest Titles for Every Pinterest Board You’ve Ever Seen

…..And speaking of Pinterest, here’s a bit of encouragement to start your weekend.  God’s goodness is following you!  God’s mercy is following you!  That’s good news!

surely goodness and mercy




















Amen and have a great weekend!

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