A while back my daughter and I decided to stop using home cleaning products with chemicals. At least as much as possible for us.  So, when we ran out of bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners, we purchased a large bottle of vinegar, Murphy’s Oil Soap and Borax.  Now I mix up our own cleaners, avoiding the harsher stuff.  You could say we’ve taken a less toxic approach.

I’ve found, going through this particular stage of my life, that many thoughts run through my mind.  Some are useful and relevant.  Some are neutral and related to everyday life.  You know, the stuff of chores and household maintenance.  Yet others are not positive.  They’re what I’m choosing to label [toxic thoughts].

toxic-logoSome toxic thoughts are true.  Factual.  Simply the way life is.  Some toxic thoughts are fears, imaginary junk, and/or bi-products of an over active brain.  Nonetheless, toxic thoughts are just that.  Toxic.  They do not help me move forward.  They do not promote health and wellness.  They do not produce an emotional high.  Spiritually speaking, they are dark, not light.

There are days when the toxic thoughts do not linger.  When I successfully take them captive, as scripture instructs.  Yet there are days when the toxic thoughts win.  Like a ghost they haunt.  Like a little voice in my head, they mock me and insinuate the worst.  Some would say the enemy is attacking.  Some would say toxic thoughts are to be expected and are a normal part of life.  For everyone, yet especially when we’re struggling.

Either way, I hope to conquer.  We all like to win, right?  I want to beat these thoughts and send them packing.  And my guess is, eventually I will.  Most days I do alright.  Much  of the time, I am fine, happy, busy and looking ahead.  But like most things labeled toxic, it doesn’t take too much to ruin a good thing.  Antonyms for toxic listed in the dictionary are:






and nonpoisonous

Those are the kind of thoughts I want in my brain.  Productive thoughts.  Pleasant.  Loving.

2 Cor 10


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