Flapjack Friday Faves [05.23]

It’s 3 day weekend time!  Yay.  looking for alaska

What am I reading?  Well, I’m caught up once again in YA lit.  That’s Young Adult for the unaware.  Why do I, a middle aged woman, read YA lit?  Mainly because of my daughter, who fits the age demographic.  It gives us something to talk about.  Plus, I enjoy the reading.  So, for now, I’m finishing up John Green’s Looking for Alaska.  Let me tell you, it’s brought me down a bit.  I’m not sure why, but there’s not much sadder than sad teenagers.  I won’t give away the plot, but it’s well written and moving.  After this, I’m moving onto Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  Then I think I’ll return to something more mature.  Perhaps Donna Tartt’s The Secret History will be ready for me at the library.  I have it on reserve.

mango tacosLooking for a recipe to try?  My kids and I enjoy what we call Mango Tacos.  We leave out the olive oil and use frozen mangoes from Trader Joe’s.

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter recently.  She’s an independent little nipper, so to speak.  Which is a good thing, since she’s about to travel across the globe as an exchange student.  This reminds me of something she would say:plant your own








And speaking of planting your own….. I have planted flowers and am enjoying, with my daughter’s prompting, picking a few and decorating the house with them.

flowers 2014

flowers 2014 2

And since we’ll all have a bit of free time with a three day weekend and all, I close with this link:

The Case for Reparations

My 19 year old son recommended the article to his sister and I.  It’s serious stuff, but that’s what the three of us tend to discuss at dinner.  Go figure.

Have a lovely weekend.  Summer’s around the corner.  Enjoy!




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