Flapjack Friday Faves [05.30]

Happy Friday.

Favorites of the week? Kind of hard to say, because it’s been a somewhat unpleasant week. Daughter Allie has been, and continues to be sick. In the last week or so, we’ve visited a dermatologist, a family practitioner and a dentist.  I’ve been to the pharmacy twice.  I return to the dentist on Tuesday. Not anyone’s idea of fun……  But hey, life will get better, right?

Meantime, I did prepare flapjacks for breakfast [in honor of Flapjack Friday].  Going for Mom of the Year and all that…..

Sometimes we are at such a place in life, it’s difficult to focus on more than one thing.  Yet we’re forced to so we do.  I decided to dedicate this week’s FFFs to teamwork.

Tomorrow my workmates and I will celebrate a major accomplishment.  The completion of a fundraiser we have organized three years in a row.  I choose to celebrate US.  And our friendship.  And the fact we can make each other laugh.  Oh, and these people have seen me cry.  And have heard me say some of the worst words I’ve ever said.  To see your peers at their best and their worst, when they’re celebrating life’s highs and when they just hit absolute bottom. This is what truly brings people together.  There’s a loyalty and a bond that goes beyond a casual existence.  If I was to win an Oscar, these are the people I’d thank.  Along with my mom, of course.  And dad.  My sister [goes without saying]. And so on….  You get the point.

african proverb


great things




good peopleGo team!  Enjoy the weekend.
















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