happy birthday sweet Allie

Today is my daughter Allie’s 16th birthday.  In a few short months, she’ll be leaving to spend a year in the Czech Republic.  I wrote the following to honor these occurrences.


Strong. Capable and ready.
You head out into the world.
Across the world, actually.
A chapter. A short one, all in all.
Yet one that will no doubt change you.
A chapter for me also. Months in which we’ll be apart.
You have always been a light in my mind.
Bright. A force.
A traveler, always looking to illuminate somewhere new.
A joy to me. And to others.
Aglow when I’m in darkness.
Luminous with encouragement.
You are not only loved, but appreciated. Cherished.
Sunshine. Warm hope, replenishing.
Beauty in its purest, most natural form.
Golden and vibrant.
You will brilliantly glow.
New adventures await.
A path your dreams and determination laid.
I share you, somewhat reluctantly.
Yet anticipating a story to be written only by you.
It’s yours to illustrate and edit, too.
Be kind, show mercy and shine like only you can.
I await. Just like always.
~ Summer, 2014

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