ready, set, go[al]

I have never been much of a goal oriented person.  I am disciplined to a certain extent.  I make sure I clean my toilet weekly, unload my dishwasher daily, make my bed every morning.  Etc.

But goals, goals can be intimidating.  At least to me.  What if they’re not reached?  What if they’re too easy?  Why can’t I simply live my life, taking it as it comes?

I also believe responsibilities and priorities can hamper setting goals.  I live within the limitations of a life I’ve chosen to live.  I am a mother.  People depend on me at work.  I am not free to come and go as I please without repercussions.  To focus on a self fulfilling mission?  That can be detrimental.  Or maybe I do need to focus more on myself?  It’s a difficult balance.

I’m finding though, as I look ahead, there are some realistic steps I need to take in order to get where I would like to be.  For example, I would like to travel.  Farther than Cincinnati.  See Europe, South Africa, South America.  I most likely won’t randomly end up hiking in Chile without setting forth a plan.  Likewise, there are things I’d like to do professionally.  Ideas I’d like to propose at work.  But at this point they are not anything more than ideas.  Nothing concrete.  Nothing written out in bullet points, which is a must when presenting anything to our CEO.

So I find myself asking, first of all, what I want to accomplish.  Honestly, at this point in my life, looking far down the road is not totally possible.  Thinking through the next couple of weeks can be overwhelming.  I decided though, I must take a step and set a goal.  A reachable, yet somewhat challenging goal.

bluegrass 10k

I decided to run a 10K.  The Bluegrass 10,000, which takes place  every year in my town, on July 4.  Independence Day, which holds some significance.  I have run a couple 5Ks.  But never anything this long.  I enjoy running, but I’m not a great runner.  I will definitely not set any records or come in first in my age division.  Yet I am confident I will finish the race.  I will be able to run the entire time, no walking.  Which is my goal.

I registered today, so I’m committed.  My kids have acknowledged they’ll be there to cheer me on and will greet me at the finish.  I am looking forward to it.

As I think beyond July 4, I am not quite sure what goals I will put in place.  Another race?  Maybe.  Finally learn the Chopin piece that’s been sitting on my piano for months?  Map out a plan to visit another country?  Or commit to make x number of items for my Etsy shop?  I don’t know.  But I do realize goals need to become a part of my life.  I can’t just drift through.

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