and be thankful

Right around this time of year, four years ago, I began my current job. I am thankful for all I have learned, how much I’ve grown, and all the great people I have had the chance to work with.

My daughter is having an awesome [she hates it when I use the word awesome] time as an exchange student in the Czech Republic. For that I am thankful.

My son cooks dinner for himself most evenings, while living in a Louisville apartment. I am thankful he is well adjusted and a successful University of Louisville music student. Go Cards and all that jazz.

My car is running well after its most recent garage visit. I am thankful.

I acquired an outfit for $11.66. At Goodwill. To wear to a concert my son and I will attend together. I have looked forward to this event for months. It will kick off our holiday season. I am thankful for opportunities to express joy.

I was recently introduced to Johnnyswim, a band I like a bunch. I am thankful for music, in its many forms.

I have a space heater at work and I have a space heater at home. I am thankful for warmth because I do not like to be cold. At all.

My friend is getting married next month. I rejoice with her and am thankful for her happiness and God’s restoration.

Friends are adopting a beautiful girl from Africa. I celebrate with them and am thankful they are faithful.

I moved some potted plants indoors for the season. I am thankful they are so far, thriving.

I have begun working in my workplace’s after school program one afternoon a week. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve.

I have received a few Starbuck’s gift cards and treats from friends and family recently. I am thankful because I like cinnamon dulce lattes and salted caramel mochas.

Though nowhere close to fast, I ran a 5K in November and will run another 5K in December. I am thankful for the ability to run.

My friend gave me a candle that helps mask CJ the beagle’s scent. I am thankful for autumn’s pleasant fragrances.  And for sweet friends.

I have been in a transitional period for a long while, church wise. I am thankful to have decided upon attending a church in my neighborhood.

My daughter left some of her clothes behind. And a lotion I like. I am thankful she has good taste. Oh, and a black nail polish.

I have framed maps in my bedroom of places I want to visit. I am thankful for dreams that include South America, Africa, Europe, Canada and Australia.

I continue to attend a fitness boxing [not kick boxing, mind you] class at the YMCA. I am thankful that because of it, my hip hop music knowledge has increased. And I know what a left hook is.

My children seem to care about justice and racial issues and have no inclination to live in the suburbs. I am thankful.

I have discovered a can of spray paint can alter many a household item for the good. I am thankful for spray paint.

My parents and sister’s family have checked in on me everyday for months. They are my Day Ones, as my daughter would say, and I am forever thankful.

Advent is coming, and as a friend recently explained, it’s not all about being happy. It’s about the waiting. I’m thankful for words spoken by those awaiting the Messiah, long, long before He arrived.


I like hidden treasure. Finding random things in out of the way places. That’s how I see the end of Colossians 3:15. As a little gem awaiting to be found. ……..and be thankful.

 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. ~ Colossians 3:15



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