day 2

Opposites.  Yesterday to today.

A day spent with my son, who I love.  Yesterday featured an actual van Gogh and a renowned guitarist.

Today?  None of the above.  Today was the typical Monday, like the song.  Rain, annoyances, some sadness sprinkled in.

My advent reading today, day 2?  Opposites as well.  Wait.  Seek.  Unlike yesterday, no Picasso at the art museum.  But Lamentations.  Chapter 3, verse 25.

I keep getting reminders about the waiting.  It’s all about the waiting, Advent is.  Waiting for God.  Yet, I’m also reminded, so very often as of late, to seek.  Seek his face.  Seek first his kingdom.  Seek him.  So I try to balance the two.

wait vs seek

They don’t seem to mesh so well.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.

Which means of course, I need to do both.  Wait for him/Seek him.



If I’m honest, a bit frustrating.  Mainly because I don’t like to wait.  And I’ve had a year.  The worst year.  So, as I begin Advent, I’d prefer something more festive, thank you, than waiting.  And I’d really enjoy not having to just wait, but at the same time, seek.  Which is like a sort of yoga pose for the mind.  How does one manage wrapping one’s brain around the thought?

To take it a step further, I’m not always even sure what I’m waiting for.  And how will I know when the waiting is over?  Or is it a constant cycle?  A step forward, hold on, steady yourself, move another step.  Maybe that’s it, at least in part.  Seeking seems easier.  Yet there’s an immense amount of focus needed to seek the right things and not simply what I want.

Thoughts to ponder.  Hopeful thoughts.  Waiting, while hoping.  All the while, seeking Hope.



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