This past fall I decided to bring my geraniums indoors.  Normally, after the first freeze of the season, I would put the plants in the trash can.  Actually, the can designated for yard clippings, leaves and such.  I can’t think of the correct name for this can/Herbie/container right now, but trust me, the city of Lexington provides them.

One of my plants.

Anyway, I moved two of my geranium plants to my upstairs window, which faces south.  My third geranium went to my office, and incidentally I noticed this week someone has begun composting in this one.  I saw an orange wedge in the pot.  I also brought another plant indoors.  It’s in my living room and I can’t remember what it’s called.  It bloomed lovely violet colored flowers all summer.

All of the relocated plants are doing well, which I am happy about.  It’s a small accomplishment, but a success nonetheless.  [I so love using the word nonetheless…...]  I am also happy because I like the way geranium plants smell.  Not the flowers, mind you, but the plants.  The scent is earthy and…..I’m not really sure what.  But it’s comforting to me.  Which might be odd, but sometimes what one finds comforting is, right?

I suppose what pleases me most about these plants is the realization they are going to be with me a while. They’ll move back outdoors around Mother’s Day.  And I’ll enjoy them on my front porch or back deck for the season.

I am not much of a winter person.  I’m all for sunshine and warm temperatures.  Yet I’ve adapted some through the years and learned to make the most of January through March.  I find it’s the little things that make the difference. Just like in life, really.  We can control the little things.  The bigs…..well, not so much. The bigs have to be surrendered.  The littles, like my geraniums, are fully dependent on me.  I have to choose to water them.  Make sure they’re in a sunny spot.  Similarly, it’s up to me to make sure I drink a cup of tea every afternoon in the winter, go to the library and check out a book or two, and attend all the University of Kentucky home gymnastics meets. These are things I enjoy and are fully in my power to indulge in.

I’m reminded it’s important though, to not only focus on the littles for myself, but for others as well.  I’m not capable of coming through big for very many people in my life. But I can bake a birthday cake or cookies.  I can offer encouragement. I can make a mix tape. [I just wanted to make sure you were with me…..I would not make anyone a mix tape….well, maybe if someone specifically asked]  Anyway, I’m headed upstairs to smell my geraniums, then count how many days there are until spring. Meanwhile, I’m glad I have tea in the house and only a couple weeks until gymnastics season begins.  Yay!

Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their HEARTS!

Oh, one more thing because I know you’ve just got to know, I GOOGLED the name of the receptacle used for yard waste in my town……. It’s called Lenny.  Strange but true.

Lenny Cart
The Lenny Cart

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