I find myself having a hard time letting go. I can be compulsive. I can hold on. To release is to surrender and to surrender…..well isn’t that giving up? Maybe not. I suppose it’s actually good to surrender. Relinquish. Therapeutic perhaps?

Yet it’s so.so.so.so.so hard. I find myself realizing I must let go of a situation. I don’t particularly want to. But I need to. It’s become something to me it shouldn’t be. It’s not wrong. Not sinful. Not an idol or anything like that. But it needs to be released.

Have you been carin’ too much

How this one ends

Y’know it’s not the kind of fight

That you lose or  win

So I let it go…..tonight. Bag of Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Popcorn by my side, CJ the beagle asleep at my feet.

‘Cause rain and leaves

And snow and tears and stars

And that’s not all my friend

They all fall with confidence and grace

I’m going to let it fall………..like snow.

There is so much in life that doesn’t make sense. So much is based on the choices other people make. I seem to have so much all figured out, but it just never comes to be. Not yet. Seemingly near perfect situations. In my book. My story. My life. Yet left to not materialize.

I try my best….let it fall with confidence and grace. 

This song. This song says it well.


Song lyrics from Let It Fall, by Over the Rhine.

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