Yesterday, being Friday, a few work friends asked me what I had planned for the weekend. I answered….

I need to clean out about 5 purses and/or bags. My life is currently a mess.


Yes, I know that sounds like a terribly exciting way to spend one’s weekend. I also mentioned a few other household tasks I needed to accomplish. And I exaggerated a bit because my life is not technically a mess. Close at times, perhaps, but not a total mess.

So, here’s the contents I removed from the bags:


I often forget to wear lipstick. Or simply choose not to. Or maybe I just can’t find it because it’s in a purse I’m not currently carrying…… I have now located every lip product I own. I doubt much will change though….
image Yes, Christmas was over months ago. For whatever reason I was carrying around these miniature pins.


And speaking of pins, I also found a plethora of pens. And pencils. Who doesn’t love a Sharpie?image

In case any of my work friends were curious, yes, I have all the Local Taco coupons. Let me know if you want to meet for lunch. Oh, and I probably should deposit this reimbursement check. Money in the bank and all that……


Pepper spray, anyone? My thoughtful brother-in-law provided this for me. I have yet to use it. And no, I did not dig a fire arm out of bag #2. I don’t roll that way. image

Winter gloves….in May? Not necessary. Two bottles of hand sanitizer. That nail polish I’ve been searching for….image

I am notorious for having coupons with me, but forgetting to use them. Like I have them in my hand in the check out lane, and forget to use them. image

I make a point to get to every college/university in the tri-county area…and beyond.

Choir concert at the University of Louisville. #gocards

Baseball game at the University of Kentucky #gobigblue

Organ concert at Centre College (I am unsure of their mascot and honestly, I think hashtags are dumb). image

Yes, I fully realize I’m supposed to hand in my work receipts. Most of these are personal [except that top one for Mexican food. I would not personally spend $72 for Mexican food]. I really do keep tabs on my bank account, I promise……image

I pledge to return the items I [accidentally] took from my office. I do believe that nickel is rightfully mine, and incidentally, the only loose cash I found! I was hoping for more like $20.

imageWho is this man? Why, he’s Jack. A member of the Rotary Club and instrumental in helping Allie Monck get to the Czech Republic as a foreign exchange student. For some reason, I’ve been carrying around his business card. I hope Jack is well….he’s such a nice older gentleman.


I am not a huge Ale8 fan. Why I was carrying all these bottle caps is beyond me, although I do have a huge collection of them in hopes of figuring out some sort of craft project they might be good for. If you’re not from Kentucky, please know Ale8 is a ginger ale of sorts, not an ale of sorts, thank you.image

I try to never head to work without my bottle of Kroger brand Aleve, aka Naproxen Sodium. You never know when a headache might come about…..

Orange craft paint? I think it’s obvious why one would carry this along. The gross brown stuff…..some dark chocolate covered almonds that unfortunately melted. Unfortunate because they’re one of my favorite snacks.


A Keeneland ticket. No, I didn’t win any money. As you can see though, I’m not a big gambler. At $2 per race there’s not much risk.


What was CJ the beagle doing as I sorted and organized? imagePretty much what CJ the beagle is always doing. When she’s not out back barking at squirrels, the neighbors and slow moving trains [yes there are train tracks on the other side of the fence….which means we live on the other side of the tracks…..we’re just not sure which side we’re on….]

I also located a small journal I use to write down various ideas. Mostly writing ideas. Obviously it’s not utilized as an organizational to do list.

Besides the great handbag clean out of 2015, I also managed to organize my bedroom closet. I found my high school year books among other items! I cleaned out my fridge, which absolutely needed to be done. I cleaned my bathroom. I ate a piece of toast with butter and blackberry jelly. I looked outside numerous times to see if it had stopped raining. When it did, I headed to the Legacy Trail for a run. It began to rain on my way there. It began to rain harder once I got there. I waited in my car for a good amount of time. It finally stopped. I ran 5 miles. Yay me. By the way, while cleaning my closet I located a research paper I wrote my senior year of high school. Something about Charles Dickens. My teacher told me I shouldn’t use so many choppy sentences. But I got an A on the paper. So there. Why I still have the paper is beyond me. But yes, I do use choppy sentences. But again, I got an A. And it was AP English. So there, again! I also have a hard time focusing. As proven by this paragraph. But I’m giving myself a break because I cleaned the fridge, the closet, four handbags and the bathroom. And…I took out the trash.

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