please note I used the wrong heel

It hit me sometime last week I just might have misspelled the word “heel” in my last post. I kept forgetting to check though. Sure enough, tonight I looked and I did. Sorry readers. I’m sure at least a few of you noticed. It’s been corrected. Now my life can carry on. As can yours.

It seems some of you read my last post and grew concerned about my well being. I gathered that from the fact two coworkers hugged me on Monday and another gave me one of those “please tell me you are not going to inflict self harm” looks. Rest assured….I am alright. And if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t share it with the world via a blog entry. And frankly, I don’t think my last entry was that dramatic or depicted a cloud of doom over my life. But if so, please know I’m fine, though rather melancholy, because sometimes, well sometimes life just blows.

Meantime, here are some photos of the past week. Highlights of sorts.


I was able to help with my workplace’s summer camp on Tuesday morning. Our interns concocted this absolutely great scavenger hunt in downtown Lexington. I got to be the designated [adult who actually knows downtown Lexington] for one group. And yes, we were the first to arrive at the destination. Upon which time I took a photo of this kid, who I believe is doing what kids should do in the summer, right? No, not hop over barriers….have fun.

The ones I helped. Lovely group of young people.

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur….oh I did teach a little lesson to my coworkers on the difference between hope and expectation and quickly realized……oh my gosh….I’m the one who needs to hear this. Yowza. Perhaps I expect some things I shouldn’t and should concentrate more on being hopeful.

View from Windy Corner Market’s front porch. I recommend the fried pickles.

Friday evening I was able to eat dinner with a dear friend at Windy Corner Market. She and I ate on their front porch, sans table, during a thunderstorm. But, you can’t beat the scenery and sometimes you just need to talk with someone who has the words you need to hear.

I’m reminded this is my last week of living alone for quite some time. James comes home on Friday to spend July. Then Al arrives from Europe the next Tuesday. She will be with me for a year….until college and/or the next big adventure. So it’s the year in between. Soon James will know where he’ll go for grad school and she’ll know where she’s headed. And I’ll be left to decide what’s next for me.

What does one do with this sort of knowledge? Well…..plant some wildflowers for the girl and redecorate the boy’s room.

The back of my yard is a virtual jungle of craziness. So, on a whim, I decided to try and make it less crazy. I’m not sure I succeeded or added to….
This is what I dug up in the back of my back yard before planting the flowers. During previous excavations, I have dug up similar pieces. This time I found pipes, a pencil sharpener and other metal items. If I knew how to weld I’d make a sculpture. Another day…..

So I didn’t actually completely redecorate Jamie’s room. It’s just that he took many of his wall hangings to his Louisville apartment. And I decided to give him a lamp I wasn’t using. And it all worked out into this White Stripes motif……sort of anyway. But since only two people [and that might be a stretch] who read my blog actually know what that means…..there is no reason to go on. Suffice it to say, Jamie had about 72 drum sticks in his room and I used them and this random cymbal for decoration, although he now claims he is not a percussionist. To which I say “bull%(*# you played percussion for seven years” but he only argues back which is what our relationship often comes to. Mind you, it’s not serious arguing, just a grumpy musician type male who won’t own up to his skill set. But we love each other and honestly get along fine. And since he doesn’t read my blog I’m free to say what I like. So there, James!

Sometimes I get on these spray painting tangents and I just can’t help myself. James now has a red lamp. And a black frame.

Sometime during the afternoon of spray painting, digging and planting, I decided I should change my name back to my old last name. AKA maiden name. Mainly because I like it and my dad gave it to me and I love him so why not? I kept my kids’ last name for their sake but I don’t think they actually care and would be quite happy if I changed it. So, and mind you it could be because I was high on paint fumes…..I believe sometime in 2016 I will handle the legalities. I am too much of a procrastinator to tell myself I’ll do it in 2015.

Sometimes I share on my blog what books I have been reading. I just finished The Girl on the Train. It was good. Almost Gone Girl good. Not quite. I seem to have a thing for books with “girl” in the title. I’m always quoting Anthropology of an American Girl to Al. And since Allie, unlike her brother, reads my blog…..Al, I can’t wait until you meet the girls in our bookclub. We are reading what you recommended. Get here soon!

A couple of our book clubbers…. we’re meeting for donuts this week.

I will close with a quote I recently came across. I liked it so I printed it and posted it on my work bulletin board as well as my fridge.

Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost. ~ Helen Keller

Which is interesting, since Helen was blind and deaf. So I have to believe she meant it, not as a beautiful piece of art or music, but more like as in our relations with each other. Maybe? Something to think about.

2 thoughts on “please note I used the wrong heel

  1. Deb – it has been YEARS!
    You are lovely. I wish we were closer in distance. I would love to sit and have coffee, and discuss the years that have passed, looking forward to future possibilities.
    Hugs to you!
    Teresa (Ulmet) Garner

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