a july day

Our last day without her. Allie returns home tomorrow. In fact, as I type this she’s in the Prague airport.


Jamie and I visited one of our favorite places today, Raven Run.


Trees and sunshine.


Mushrooms growing out of moss on a tree.


Wildflowers. Much better than roses. At least I think so.


Locust shell I decided to pick up. Because, well, why not?


Jamie modeling by a tree. And bravely sporting a Louisville shirt in BigBlueNation territory. Go Cards…..


The Kentucky River is always muddy.


The Kentucky River is always muddy. [did I already say that?]


One more of the river.


Me, apparently trying to pop a vein on my neck. Wishing the people behind me would leave the overlook. So Jamie and I could look into the muddy Kentucky River in peace.


I think he’s Snap Chatting.




More trees.

IMG_0569The Raven Run meadow.


More wildflowers. Again, please…no roses.


So I like wildflowers.


Butterfly I photographed 757 times until I caught it with its wings open.

IMG_0590In case you’re wondering, scat = poop. This sign is conveniently posted in the women’s restroom.


More poop info posted in the women’s room.

IMG_0595Later in the day, we had dinner at Ellos. Why we patronize Qdoba is beyond me. Ellos is so much better. It’s really hot in there though. As in you’ll sweat while you eat. But it’s oh.so.good.


Then we headed to a Lexington Legends game. Is there anything better than not.so.great baseball?


I’m considering switching careers and becoming a sports photographer.


In case you’re wondering the Legends lost. In extra innings. Bummer. We took this photo way before they lost. We were happier then.

IMG_0623My friends’ kids. I’ve never seen anyone eat a lemon at a baseball game. I like unique people.


This is the plane that took Allie to Chicago last August. She then headed to her eventual destination….Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Tuesday she’ll fly from Chicago to Lexington, the opposite trek. It will be great to have her back.

Jamie and I joked we’d return to Raven Run, maybe this very week, because Allie will want to go upon her return. Jamie and I also argued about music. And we watched part of a documentary about music. And I think he Snap Chatted a bunch. And tomorrow he will make her enchiladas for dinner and I will make sure her room is ready, complete with some fresh flowers. Not roses because she doesn’t care so much for them either.

It’s hard to go to bed, knowing your child, who though not really still a child, is flying across the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Because she will always be my child. She is sad. She has had to say good bye to friends and a place she had grown to love. She comes back with questions and concerns. Much has changed in her life and now she has to face things I doubt she cares to face.

I’m glad for the day spent with Jamie. He’s been a trooper this past year. An encouragement to me.

I’m glad this was the last day without Allie present. I look forward to where life takes her next. The drum beats faster here on out, I expect. So we end and again begin.

6 thoughts on “a july day

  1. Love reading your thoughts! You write with such emotion in a different sort of way! So glad for Allie’s safe return!

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