You haven’t written a blog entry in a while.

I’ve heard that a few times lately, mainly from my daughter. And yes, factually, it’s true. I have not posted an entry since July 14, over a month ago.

Why? Well mostly because I haven’t had the urge to write anything. And also, I think maybe, just maybe, it’s because I’m not sad.

You see, it’s easier for me to write when I have something wrong. When I’m forlorn. Or miss my kids or have a complaint. When I’m lonely or confused. Even if the subject matter isn’t bleak, I find writing often comes out of something negative or unsettling happening in my life.

But here’s the thing…….Dare I say this, but I believe I’m happier right now than I’ve been in I cannot remember when. Like maybe years. Lots of years.

Certainly, I could list out reasons. Circumstances and occurrences. And if you are a reader who actually knows me, you possibly have your own assumptions. But I’m not going to list them because maybe it’s a compilation of years and years. I remember hearing over and over that “happiness is overrated”. I think it’s mostly not so happy people who say this and I have actually been guilty of at least thinking it myself. But maybe it’s not so awful, even though nothing is perfect, to allow oneself to have some joy. There are way too many joy stealers out there.

I will say having my daughter home does make me happy. Although it’s temporary because she’ll go away again in a year. I like the random lady walking behind us. And the fact I think I have food in my mouth in this photo. And Allie looks like she has teenage angst…..she IS wearing flannel after all….in AUGUST! And this is now the longest photo caption in my blog ever.

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