hit home

I don’t believe I’ve ever posted like this. A link to someone else’s blog:

when your dreams have shattered

Someone I don’t know but at some point started following. I happened to see her post today. And it hit. Home. Exactly where I am at this morning. Oh, I probably will feel better later today. I plan to run four miles this afternoon and that generally helps. It’s Friday. So I should be happy, right? All those things to be happy about….

at least you’re not…..

You know the fill ins. October has been hard. And it’s only half over. Hard in so many ways. Work. Relationships. Feeling lost.

I’m likening this month to June. Four months ago. Read about it, if you care to:

go away, june

I find myself feeling the same way. Again. Let’s move on. Let’s get to the celebrations. The holidays. Happy days are here again….

Anyway here’s to hoping. Even though it’s seems unlikely. This morning.

I’m not posting the link to this entry on my Facebook wall this morning. No Twitter post. I usually do. So people will read my posts. Not this time. I don’t want the cheerleaders. The “oh….we want you to know you’re great!”  It’s not that I don’t appreciate those folks. I do. Truly. I hate sympathy. I disdain people feeling sorry for me. That’s not what I want. So I post this to vent. Share. Reveal a bit of myself. To whoever happens upon it.


re-post courtesy of scribbles & crumbs

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