If you are a regular to my blog, you perhaps noticed I have changed the design. In other words, it looks different.

My daughter sitting in my new office.

I have recently acquired an office at work. As in my own office. I………..excited! Mainly because I have never, ever had my own office. Now I can live without fear of people lifting my pens. And I can decorate. Which, in case you didn’t know, is one of my favorite activities.

I titled this entry changeup. Which brings to mind baseball [it’s a name for a pitch if you’re unfamiliar] but my focus here is not America’s favorite pastime. Which incidentally, apparently is not anymore. It’s football. Which makes me sad as I prefer the previous. Forgive me for digressing…..

Anyway, I’m talking about change here. And that can be a rather frightening thing. Or extremely positive. Or neither. It can simply be.

An example. In order for me and a few other of my workmates to have our own offices, some rather drastic changes took place in our organization. Which were sad, as we had to face some loss. But it’s also good, in that some of our losses have already been redeemed. And sometimes in loss we receive something much, much better than we had before. But we have to go through the crappy part first. And grow a bit. Then be open.

Autumn in Louisville, Kentucky.

Autumn is beautiful in Kentucky. But for me, it’s a wake up call. “You better get ready! Winter is coming.” Daylight Savings Time, making it dark earlier. Trees without leaves look dead. Even though I know they’ll bud out in the spring. Darkness and bareness. Stark. That’s how I choose to describe it. A stark reality which reminds me change can be very unsettling.

Abrupt turnabouts. And questions. Reminders of how different it all really is. As in now versus then. A marking of time. How it was. How it is possibly going to be. Although it’s a process as well.

The changes we dread most may contain our salvation. ~ Barbara Kingsolver

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