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Describe ten sounds you associate with winter.

That’s the writing prompt I chose for today. A little lighter than my previous….

So here goes. Ten sounds…..

  1. Crunch. Ice on the ground crunches. So do fallen leaves.
  2. The whistle my tea kettle makes. I drink hot tea during the winter. Mainly in the afternoon. If you must know, I try to drink a cup of green tea each winter day because I am of the belief it prevents me from becoming ill. Despite science telling us one needs to drink about 3 cups in order to make a difference, I am of the “mind over matter” opinion. Three cups makes for too many trips to the bathroom.
  3. Silence. The sound of silence. That’s two Simon & Garfunkel references so far in this entry, which I’m certain you’ve caught. Seriously, my world is more quiet in the winter. Less police sirens on my street than summer [people are less likely to be out]. Less voices heard from people walking outside because my house is shut up tight. No lawnmowers. Falling snow is very quiet. I tend to sleep more in the winter. Which is a silent activity.
  4. Basketballs bouncing. Winter in Lexington, Kentucky = basketball. Like it or lump it. We are the BIG.BLUE.NATION after all. Please no comments regarding our lackluster showings of late. Plus it’s the time of year when kids’ leagues are happening. Which brings back memories of when my kids were ballers. Good times….
  5. I don’t know what to call this sound, other than the noise made when one scrapes ice off one’s windshield. It is not a pleasant sound, that’s for sure. If you can park your car in a garage, be thankful. I cannot. Because I do not have a garage.
  6. People blowing their noses like crazy. And coughing. Lots of coughing. Which is why, once again, I drink a cup of green tea everyday.
  7. Fireplace sounds. Wood crackling. That sort of thing. I have a fireplace but it was bricked over at some point. Meaning it isn’t a fireplace anymore. But I have experienced these noises.
  8. Wow, I cannot think of anymore sounds I associate with winter. Partly because my mind is thinking of as many Simon & Garfunkel songs as I can recall.

I am definitely not a winter fan. At least not in cold climates. And my living arrangement today happens to be in a cold climate. It was 8 degrees this morning. It has warmed up to a balmy 18. Which is absolutely ridiculous. At least I think so. I am currently wearing two pairs of pants while covered with a blanket. In my house. And yes, I am running my heater. These temperatures impede my outdoor running. They nearly impede going outside at all.

Yes, I am complaining. But is is MY blog. Spending a great deal of time indoors does enable me to create more items for my Etsy shop. And do my taxes. And write more blog entries. Oh, and read. Which I suppose is all good. Yet, I’d rather be reading by the pool. And it be 80 degrees outside. But alas, we don’t always get what we’d rather….





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