The plant on my work desk is starting to blossom. I photographed it today.

Interestingly, I came across this card hanging in my coworker’s office today as well. He’s actually my supervisor. I noticed it when he was talking to me about something important. Don’t worry David [that’s his name]. I was listening. Really.

I am not going to write a bunch about this. But something to consider, right? How often do I remain the same? Instead of changing for the good. Even though there would probably be less pain if I’d simply go ahead and move on. Take the risk. Allow for something more beautiful.

I haven’t committed yet, but my word for 2016 [yes, I know, January is almost over so I should make up my mind] just might end up being “new”. Which would sort of correlate with the above. Either that or the word “trust”. Which is taking the whole thing a completely different direction. I pledge to decide soon. Maybe.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the little flowers blossoming on my plant.

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