happy 21

you are twenty one today

which makes me want to say hooray!

[just kidding….I am not going to write a cheesy rhyming poem for you]

I’m certain you can imagine it’s a bit unnerving to wake up one day and realize….

Yikes! I’m the parent of an adult.

While people can change once they grow up, for the better or the worse, I suppose your formative years are basically passed. You are, essentially, who you are and who you are going to be. Thankfully though, that doesn’t frighten me. [yay!]

I’ve noticed some things about you. Probably because I know you fairly well, after all these years. You are exceptionally clean, you dress quite well and I don’t remember the last time I was around you and you smelled bad. You are quite possibly the most disciplined person I have ever met. Example….

Me: How long did you practice today?

You: Only four hours. Not very long.

I do think you should clean your bathroom more frequently. But that probably crosses the line into motherly nagging and since it’s your birthday, I won’t take that route.

You love your sister. You take care of people. You’re a reader. Your vocabulary is strong. Trust me, that’s only an asset. You are a gifted writer. If you’re interested in something, you study the subject matter and become knowledgable. You value authentic Mexican food.

Your cooking abilities? I think they go without saying. You probably hold the record at state universities as the male student who has, in five semesters, ordered the fewest pizzas. All due to the fact you have been able to prepare a meal solo since you were what? Five? Another trait you won’t ever regret.

Regrets? Did you make the right decision(s)? I have come to the conclusion only extremely selfish people and the extremely disillusioned don’t have regrets. I read this the other day though, and I agree:

Don’t waste energy regretting the way things are or thinking about what might have been. Start at the present moment – accepting things exactly as they are…..

It’s cliche, but the only time we have is the present. Also remember you don’t have to have everything figured out today. I’m more than twice as old as you, and I sure don’t.

Alright, enough advice, more observations.

You are witty. I’d say a step beyond funny. You’re a thinker and you’re able to spend a great deal of time alone. You’re into running now, and I appreciate it when you run with me. Even though you are much faster.

To say you’re into music is the understatement of the century. You have always been musical. Since the toy guitars and the make shift drum set you arranged in the living room. Plastic leftover containers as drums and chopsticks as drumsticks. There was the take drumsticks with you whenever traveling somewhere by car phase. During middle school, if I recall. Do you remember drumming on the dashboard? Now it’s pretty much all guitar all the time. Which is great. I confess some of my favorite moments though are when you’re home and you sit down at the piano.  And the very, very best is when you and I play together. You on guitar and me on piano.

Here you are, using an ice chest, recycling reciprocal, and some other interesting items, drumming away. I especially like the Hawaiian shirt. I’m guessing your sister is singing into a pretend mic.

You picked out the necklace. A Christmas gift for me. A little Arizona charm. I always thought I annoyed you and your sister with my musings about my home state. You like to poke fun at my “…..a stone’s throw from the border” comments. Yet you knew it would be special to me. Which means you are thoughtful and that is perhaps your finest quality. You think about me, your sister, your girlfriend Erin, your friends and others.


I’m thankful. For you and who you are. Oh, you’re still becoming, in many ways. But you are the big, grown up you who makes me proud. Happy birthday to you!


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