don’t say goodbye

Dear Readers,

Today is a bittersweet day, in that it was my good friend Kelly B’s last day as an employee at our workplace. Some exciting things are happening in her family, which means she will be gone for a short time, then return to us [our work] as a volunteer. So, while I know she’ll be back and we’ll always be pals, today marks a significant change. Things will never be quite the same, as far as our work goes. I’m so very, very happy for her and her family. Yet I cried a little this morning, before heading in, knowing that saying goodbye to a significant season of life will not be easy. Therefore, I will choose not to say goodbye, but “Can’t wait until you return.”

Dear Kelly aka Kellybrums aka Harley [my friends and I have pretend names – that’s normal, right?],

…..yes this is the person I’m writing about [on the left]
I am so absolutely ecstatic for you and your family. But…..I’m a bit weepy and I don’t look forward to not having you around everyday. Please don’t cry when you read this. I’m certain you will, because, well, you’re a crier. And that’s okay. It’s why I like you so much… care.

I thought about giving you some trail mix for your trip. Or a card, but I have such a hard time picking out cards and they’re never quite suitable for the specific person. I could have given you a pair of shoes, but I prefer it when you give me shoes.

….thanks, by the way…I wear them often

So, in lieu of all the things I could have done, I am writing you here. I hope it’s alright with you. I also want you to know it’s been a dream of mine since I was about 16 to be in an all female rock band, and if that dream ever comes true, I want you to be the drummer. Because girl drummers are the coolest and you’re really cool and you obviously have good rhythm [I can just tell] so please be thinking of a name for us to call ourselves. And please also note I would not just ask anybody to be a part of something that epic.


I added in a couple photos just because. Because you are probably really, seriously crying by this point and Jared will make you smile. You don’t have to thank me, either. 5e55b7d07042bdb721ea7f24862bbaec

Here are a few things to remind you you’re a fabulous person, and have made an impact on so many people’s lives. [Did you like how I threw in the word impact, since Urban Impact is our name and all that?]


You are creative and artistic. 12105776_10154228643050744_8661394573651154910_n


You are so good at executing a plan.

11088340_10153782193460744_7771039909214080033_n (1)

Keeneland! That was a fun time. Thanks for educating me on how to gamble.

And all the parties and events. Good times, fruitcake and all.  Please ask Kevin if he’ll kindly come back each time we serve pizza because he and I work so well together [ONLY 2 SLICES PER PERSON!].12045686_10154217829730744_7655370113546372593_o


We have a friend in the NFL! Not sure we’ll ever forget that lunch at Cheddar’s…..

11845038_10153523797974487_4667809748957534724_o…..and I’m certain we’ll never forget Coco Key. Home sweet home to Bengals fans [as in literal home].


Atlanta. I regret not dumpster diving for those plastic cups. It just doesn’t make sense they wouldn’t give them to us. Fun times though. And so many gluten free options…..who knew?

461973_10151107582575744_1716085436_oWho is going to handle cotton candy from here out? You are going to have to come back for that. No one else could do it like you do….

10389135_10152405670131636_149584698859740459_nColdest November 1st ever. Say “hi” to Maggie!

11206040_10153331743479487_1140881178010420750_nLove him. Love Ms Donna. Also love his tie.

10834871_10153587214810744_5734561214448226716_o (1)One of the best days of 2015. I’m especially glad no one fell out my bedroom window.

1610958_10152957717181636_4444531594981583070_nBookclub. Ice cream is always a plus.
12654173_10153911705989487_4841405572598566875_nWhat a great family. Can’t believe it’s finally happening. You’re going! Hooray!

150113_10153274071695744_7787755307676226360_nAccording to Facebook, in 2014 and 2015 I had more photos with you in them than anyone else. So I suppose we’re pretty close. Either that or we’re just really high on ourselves and are constantly taking pictures together. I don’t think that’s the case though. But if so, it will come in handy once we form our band.

11149824_10153801546070744_1847624746164429186_oI will miss you and your Mt. Dews and diet Cokes and smile. You have made a whole lot of kids’ lives brighter and will continue to do so, I’m sure. I’m glad you’re headed where you’re supposed to be.

So I’ll wrap this up by saying I love you and your family. You’re pretty great. I’m glad we ended up together.

Can’t wait until the day you return….until then, peace out [which I never really say but it seems appropriate at this juncture].

~ Veronica [my pretend name in case all the people out there in cyberspace didn’t know]


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