What instrument would you love to learn how to play?

The above is the most recent prompt I chose from my book, 500 Writing Prompts.

I haven’t posted a blog entry in the longest time. Why? Busyness. Lack of anything to write. That I care to share, anyway. The ups and downs of life, I suppose.

So, I returned to the book I bought a while back. And chose a prompt. Read on, if you want to know the answer.


It’s an easy question for me to answer, as I’d definitely say the guitar. I play the piano already. And have since I was a child. There was a short period of my life in which I wanted to learn to play the harp. I’m not entirely sure as to why, but it seemed to be a good idea. My mother was all for it. My dad not so much. I soon passed through this phase. I wouldn’t be against learning the cello. It’s a lovely instrument. I would not choose the trumpet or the saxophone. No woodwinds or brass, thank you. Not that I’m opposed to them, they’re just not for me.  I played clarinet in fourth grade band for approximately two weeks. I quickly decided the piano was mine. And it needed to be an exclusive type relationship. Or maybe my parents made that decision. Anyway……I have no regrets in learning piano, but again, to answer the prompt, I’d choose guitar.

Sometimes I ask myself why I never have learned. We have had various guitars in our home for years. The reasoning because my son is a guitarist. And by guitarist, I don’t mean he can play a G chord but C gives him some struggles. He’ll soon be looking at grad schools in which to study it [meaning the guitar] further.

I recently began teaching two young girls piano. I go to their home. They have a beautiful piano, actually a beautiful home as well, in a rural neighborhood quite different from mine.

And I’ve also started working with some of the kids at one of my workplace’s after school sites. They meet in a large, old, downtown church. Which means there’s a piano available down in the kids’ area. They come in, one at a time, and I teach them for about fifteen minutes each. Some of the kids have learned a bit of piano in school. Which I think is wonderful. Some have a bit of experience playing at home or on a relative’s piano. None of them are virtuosos. Yet….

It’s interesting the differences between the two settings. Not many commonalities. I get paid for both, technically, I suppose. Since one relates to my job and with the other, I’m free to charge a fee. Yet the environments, the two instruments, the students themselves, are both so opposite. I enjoy both though, and I’ve found I have missed direct involvement in music. It’s been a while. So, I’m happy to be back. Even if in such a small way.

I went through a period of my life in which I planned to become a music teacher. And by that I mean an actual, go to school everyday, elementary school music teacher. Sometimes I regret not following through with that. Music was a big part of my life and then suddenly, it wasn’t so much. And while I can share with my own children and I think I’ve done a fairly decent job of that through the years, it can feel like I missed something. Like I’m a puzzle and one of my pieces is forever lost. Which I suppose is why teaching kids beginning piano these last few months has been a high point for me.

Back to the question…..I realize it wasn’t “name your biggest musical regret”, so I digress and rephrase my answer:

the guitar. I’d definitely choose the guitar.


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