come to this

This morning I stained my back deck. Which isn’t the biggest undertaking in the world, as it’s pretty small. The bulk of the time went towards the railing. I will apply another coat tomorrow morning. After the staining, I proceeded to mow my back yard, then my front. Somewhere in there I also dug up some dirt, where I plan to place tomato plants next month. And I attempted to pull this crazy vine from my fence, though my effort was not of much avail.

These tasks bring numerous questions to my mind. The first being this. Why do people buy dirt? Sure, I recently purchased a few bags of garden soil, mostly for a flower bed in my front yard. Yet it seems so ridiculous. Because the earth is full of dirt. There is dirt everywhere. Well, except where there’s an ocean or river or lake or pond (ie water), and I suppose sand isn’t technically dirt. But, you get the point, right? There is a multitude of dirt on the planet. Still we buy bags of it. So strange.

My next question. Why do people honk at me while I mow my front yard? First of all, you’re driving by at 35 mph and by the time I could, if I truly cared, decipher who actually honked, you’re well past my house. Secondly, most of the time when I’m doing yard work, I don’t look my best. Like this morning, for example. Old clothes with deck stain splattered on them. My top and bottom articles of clothing both had at least one hole. My hair looked like the wreck of the Hess (I don’t exactly know what that means but my mom said it frequently during my childhood when someone didn’t look so great). So maybe that’s why you’re honking? “Look at that messy looking woman mowing her yard!” As in some sort of scoff? Or is it as I suspect and the honkers are males who believe it’s some sort of compliment to honk at a female? If so, guess what? It’s not. I’m just trying to maintain my property.

I will not list anymore questions, because I don’t think they’d follow the yard work theme and I’m not in the mood to probe life’s deeper issues.

I decided to reward myself for all my hard work. I had, in my possession, a buy one entree/get one free coupon from Qdoba. No, I did not eat both entrees myself. I took my daughter and we enjoyed al fresco dining on the Qdoba patio. Yes, that’s what my life has come to. A Saturday night dinner at Qdoba is a highlight. Although it was nice to be with my daughter. And we also had chips and queso. I never eat all my burrito, so I have lunch for tomorrow. Yay me.

The last couple weeks have not been the easiest. Decisions, mostly financial, were on the forefront of my mind. The plaguing questions without answers until I realize…….I have to figure out an answer. Me. I don’t like decisions. I don’t like dealing with finances. I don’t like all of the aspects of life that are way, way out of my control, dependent on the decisions of others, who truthfully, are doing what they deem best for them. So, while it might sound like I’m saying, “Oh, poor little me,” I’m not. I don’t pity myself. I just don’t like where I sometimes end up.

Digging in the dirt is therapeutic though. So is accomplishing a task all by oneself. And truthfully, I always enjoy eating outside if the weather is nice. Which it was today. So all that thrown in with a leftover half burrito in the fridge, is, #winning. (My son hates it when I do the old hashtag winning thing, which is why I did it……although I seriously doubt he’ll read this.) My life has come to this. Which is not so bad, I suppose.


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