money for something

Side note before I begin…..I decided to entitle this entry the above. Then I thought…maybe not. Then I heard the song which had originally come to mind, Money for Nothing, on 92.1, Lexington’s Classic Rock radio station. My kids mock me for listening, but who cares, right? They are kids… Anyway, I decided that was fate’s confirmation so hence the title.

This is a bit of an odd blog entry, because it’s not so much a typical blog entry, but I knew it was a good way to reach a bunch of people so I decided to use this methodology.

Why? Because I am participating in 2 fundraisers for my workplace. And I am asking my friends, family and whoever else might read my blog to support me in this endeavor.

What is the endeavor? Two separate races, a 10K and a 5K coming up soon……the week of July 4. My son, his lovely girlfriend Erin, and I will actually run the 10K. The total cost for the 3 of us will be $100, which isn’t a huge amount of money. But, I don’t exactly have a large amount of cash flowing into my bank account, plus it is a fundraiser, so why not give others the opportunity to give. Right?

The second race, the 5K, will benefit the work I am directly involved in, which pertains to youth and families.

My goal is to raise $200. Again, not a huge amount and I could actually just suck it up and pay the whole goal myself. But, I thought maybe YOU, my readers, might feel inclined to send me $10 or $20, or maybe just maybe the entire amount.

I know this is a bit confusing, and honestly it sometimes confuses me too. But I’ve learned through the years that life at a non-profit means constant fundraising. Which means regularly asking for money, asking for silent auction donations, planning events, etc. Which takes one away from what one truly cares about, which in my case is the people we are trying to work with / love / teach / etc.

So here’s how it works. If you’d like, please send me a donation, which I’ll apply towards these 2 races, to this address:

Lexington Leadership Foundation

P.O. Box 4654

Lexington, KY 40544

attn: Debbie

Hopefully these photos will motivate you a bit….. Thanks so much for considering. If you want further details, let me know. If you want to send in a big amount and get a tax receipt, let me know as well. I’ll explain how we can arrange that. Again, thank you!



These kids meet once a week, to prep for the 5K.


A little ice cream outing, after running/walking 2 miles.
Water park day at summer camp.
Some of the world’s greatest people. My daughter calls her friend group her “squad”. I think that’s an appropriate name for these ladies.
Not the clearest photo, but I had to insert because he could actually be my favorite male child under 8. Here he is dancing inside Pizza Hut.
Girls book club. We are reading Romeo and Juliet, in graphic novel form.
A group of girls met at my house before heading out to a dance……much…fun!



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