I played the piano in church on Sunday. First time in seven years. I guess it took a bunch of healing to get to the point where I could. Again. But I did it and it was great. I had to refresh myself on what an Asus chord is. Sus means suspended for you non-chorders out there. Anyway, I suppose I didn’t realize how very much I missed being musical. I’ve started to give piano lessons again this year, and one of my students, who’ll I’ll see tomorrow, is excited to play a song for me she decided to work on….on her own. Therefore I am excited along with her. Music is my life. Not truly at this point, but I wouldn’t mind if it was.


On Friday I’ll celebrate six years as a vegetarian. I don’t talk about it so much, because I’m sort of a libertarian at heart. At least I think I am. I’m not part of the Libertarian Party or anything like that. I’m just sort of a live and let live person. Therefore, eat what you want to eat….and live with the consequences. I will say, I have not been seriously ill since giving up meat. I rarely get sick. I don’t have any stomach issues like I sometimes had after consuming animal flesh.  And as far as protein….yes, I get enough. You do not have to consume an entire animal each day to live healthfully. If you want my advice, which I’m certain you do, learn what YOUR body handles best and go with it. Don’t be a bandwagon person. We’re not all the same. And just because I don’t want to eat something which was once alive and standing all day in its own feces does not mean I am a hippy. I own multiple Ann Taylor skirts. And they’re not LOFT. Which means I am not, thank you.


I am promoting this 5K my workplace is doing like mad. I am working like mad. As in weekends, evenings, much more than the usual office hours. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. It just means my daughter constantly asks me what’s wrong and I answer I’m tired and she says I need a vacation.


Four for the kids. Everything important is for the kids. That’s what I tell myself and it is…oh so true. And today I got to spend a while with these guys on the University of Kentucky campus……go…BIG….blue.

Our awesome summer camp director planned a scavenger hunt there. Incidentally, it happened to be a freshman orientation day, which meant a lot of deer in the headlights kids running around with moms and dads. Oddly, I noticed multiple moms wearing what I’d label as tennis skirts…or maybe they’re called skorts? Not sure but they were definitely athletic wear….well the type of athletic wear one wears when one wants to appear one’s an athlete but really isn’t. That sounded judgmental, but I’m one of those purposeful clothes type people….


I’m having to say goodbye to three work friends in a short amount of time [as in they’re moving on to other things] and I’m about to need therapy. One of them I actually said goodbye to three different times. I don’t enjoy goodbyes….so I’ll say hello. Or until next time.


Two-morrow. I am running six miles for the second time this week. Friday will be my third. Why? Because I’m running a 10K on July 4th, and one must be prepared. After Monday I’ll decipher if I can run a half marathon in October. I am currently eating more than normal….because I am running more than normal. Unless I decide to go for the 13.1 miles and then my current eating habits will be normal. Actually, they’ll be light. I’ve found people don’t like it when runners talk about running unless they too are a runner. So I’ll stop so as not to upset the non-runners.


One hour ago Istanbul was bombed and I can’t help but think of this young lady my daughter and I met who was a foreign exchange student there a few years back. She had some crazy stories to tell about her adventures of spending a school year there. Imagine if she was there today? The world is crazy and I’m certain it has pretty much always been and I don’t really like to get political or theological or too terribly opinionated on my blog because I honestly don’t want to deal with other people’s feedback. Hey, it’s my blog…. Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that what I believed for years about God really isn’t so true. Sure, he loves us and all that. But he’s a mystery and I just don’t think we can figure him out. He’s not like my dad [despite the God the Father stuff] and he’s not like my friends [despite the I am a friend of God stuff] and he’s not always likable to be honest. Which is not to say I am converting to Buddhism or anything similar. It is to say I can’t stop thinking of this song lyric….

You thought God was an architect, now you know

He’s something like a pipe bomb ready to blow

And really, it’s true, right? At least for me. There is no pretty little plan or if there was it long ago was altered by circumstances, often out of my control, sometimes not. But God doesn’t exactly always come through when we expect or anticipate or seemingly need. At least not in my reality. Which doesn’t mean I don’t believe in him or see the value in living how he would expect me to. I just don’t think any of us really, truly know what he’s up to. Because again, he’s a mystery and he does what he wants. And people have free will, which is, at times, quite an annoying fact.

Next time I’ll try and start with 10.

Song lyrics written by Jason Isbell / 24 Frames. Get it? Another number!

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