ask me in September

Taking my daughter to college. I feel like I should write something. Like people are waiting to hear. How’s it going? Are you ready? How do you feel? Is anyone ever ready to say goodbye to the child they have raised for 18 years? She is ready to go, so that’s a good thing. She is happy about where she’s headed and she is organized so I don’t have to worry about her getting all her stuff together. Honestly, I think she’s more concerned about me packing the few things I’ll need for the drop off trip.

My answer to whether I’m alright….ask me in September. Maybe September fifteenth or so. After Labor Day. After I’ve been back home and working for a while. Once the temperature isn’t in the 90s and the YMCA pool is closed for the season. I will then be the only family member left at home to sleep with our dog. Ask me then.

I will say this….today. I am proud of my daughter and I’s accomplishments. What we have achieved together. Getting her to this point. Oh, for the most part, it’s been all her. Her achievements, grades, scores, jobs worked to save money, all of it. She is nothing if not tenacious. But she and I have become a team which I never expected we’d be. We have learned to adapt. Learned to work together, even though we are about as opposite in personality as two people can be.  We’ve had our moments. And sometimes days or more. But we’ve managed and then some. Really we’ve done quite well.

I have no worries about how she’ll do in college. She is as ready as anyone has ever been to leave home and continue becoming. As for me, I’m sure I’ll be fine because I’ve always been fine. Eventually.

Going away is so different than it was thirty years ago when I went to college. I anxiously awaited my roommate’s arrival. Not having a clue what she might be like. She ended up being the world’s biggest John Cougar Mellencamp fan, who I realize has dumped the Cougar but was utilizing it in 1986. She incidentally ended up hitting it off really well with the girl next door who loved Neil Diamond. Like seriously loved Neil Diamond, which was odd for an 18 year old girl, even then. Once they decided to room together, I was able to room with my friend Debbie [yes, 2 Debbies living as roommates!]. Debbie reads my blog so I feel I should give her a shout out…..HEY DEB!!!

Debbie and Debbie, circa 1988 (?)

Anyway, I wrote all that to mention my daughter has connected already with her roommates and has been texting them for a couple months. The world is a very different place. But you already knew that.

Transylvania University is 1.4 miles from our house. It was founded in 1780, so it’s been there a while. There’s a part of me that wishes she’d attend there. On days when I run, I run farther than 1.4 miles, meaning it would be quite simple to get over for a visit. She has decided to go 700 miles away, which means after Tuesday, I doubt I’ll see her in person until Thanksgiving. She was away for 10 months as an exchange student, so I expect I’ll manage until November.

College though, despite the trips home and holidays, brings some finality. The knowledge things will never be exactly the same. And that’s the kicker. Leaving someone you love, even if it’s where you know she’s supposed to be.


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