I wrote the following, I don’t know when. And posted it in this section of my website entitled “other writings”. But I decided to post it here today….where it’s more accessible to my regular readers.

I met a friend for an early dinner this evening. And I was reminded, very clearly, about waiting. My friend is actually the person mentioned in line 5….she waits for an answer, my friend…

Not my usual type of entry. But it seemed right for today. Because nearly everyone I’m close to is waiting for something.


wait until

the weather is warmer

the holidays have past

I have time

she waits for an answer, my friend

another she in my life waits for something else

and me, I wait too

someone on the other side must be waiting as well?

await a response



plan to be laid out

how long is reasonable?

is it worth the wait?

whatever it is

meantime, wait while waiting?

a procrastinator’s dream

waiting is just that

no need to act today

hurry up and

waiting game, an odd term

wait for someone who will never arrive

like Godot

wait on God

keep a distance

arms length

until we know for certain

wait until

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