Do you read all those {year in review} type articles? The variety of best albums of 2016. Or best songs of 2016. Or best books. Or news headlines. All those stories about celebrities who passed in 2016. It’s that time of year, right?

I’ve read various people’s comments so far, via social media, who are of the opinion we shouldn’t whine about 2016. If we’re alive it was a good year and such…. Well, I’m not so sure if being alive constitutes a good year. I know a few folks (as in actually, personally know) who have had a humdinger. Not their best. And they, in all honesty, have every right to whine. Yes, for some of us, it’s been a fine year. I suppose if you know no one who is afraid they’re going to have to vacate the country in a few months, you are perhaps well removed from the current issues of the day. But I choose not to get into that sort of rigmarole on my blog because guess what? I don’t care what YOU think regarding that type of thing (unless I’ve personally asked YOU) so I don’t venture to guess you care so much what I do either.

Anyway….2016. It had some highlights for me.

I am getting older and my memory is not so great, therefore I can’t specifically remember all that much that happened this year, pre-May. Although I do remember quite well some things which happened in 1985. But that’s for another day. May is when my daughter [youngest of my kids] graduated high school. This event seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year….send her to college|readjust to living alone|yada.yada.yada.

I actually wrote a bunch of stuff regarding best moments of the year. But, in an unlikely twist of fate [not really but that sounds dramatic] I decided to delete it all. Why? Well, for one, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve read it all previously. If you’re not a regular, well, it would most likely bore you anyway….to read my personal highlights in list form. So….I will choose to take another path.

Alright, if you must know….I traveled a bit this year, of which I’m quite thankful. And saw a bunch of art. Ran a lot of miles. Even on days when I needed two pairs of pants, three shirts, gloves and a hat. Plus a jacket in order not to freeze. Hiked alone a few times at Red River Gorge. It might not be the safest scenario going, but I enjoy it. And I don’t exactly choose the trails deemed as “difficult”. I like the fact my phone doesn’t get coverage there. Something exhilarating about being in a place where no one in the world knows exactly where you are. Off the grid so to speak. Went to Big Blue Madness and a UK football game and a few gymnastics meets. [#gobigblue | #BBN] And ventured back into music more than I’ve done in the past….I’m not sure how many years. Music. I will end with music. I taught piano lessons in 2016, for the first time in a while and I have to say….I have realized once again that music is my life. Which is a cheesy saying, but the truth is, music is important to me and I am so grateful it is to my son as well, who is going to graduate college in May and is meanwhile looking at grad schools. Proud mom moments there.

There were some difficulties in 2016. Some disappointments. I went to the optometrist, and yes indeed, I needed bifocals. I AM past 40. By a few years anyway. And yes, some greater disappointments than that. Which I won’t go into because, well frankly I’d rather not. I’ll just say if I could get who I want to do what I want to do to do what I want [that makes sense if you read it slowly] life might be better but it doesn’t always work out that way. Alas. I have, as I mentioned above, people in my circle who have been through their share of tough situations in 2016. And I hurt for them. Ask the big questions for them. And try my best to be a friend. 

If I was forced to do the obligatory list of bests….

Best book I read in 2016? I would say City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg. I think I read it in 2016…meaning it could have been 2015 but I don’t think so. Actually, I remember. David Bowie is mentioned in the book and he died this year and I remember reading it after he died.

Best album? Sorry but I am not going there because it’s purely opinion and there are so many genres and I am just not cool enough to be a music critic. And I don’t have time to break everything down categorically. So, you’re on your own. Report back to me if you’d like.

Favorite song of 2016? Well, that’s a bit much….to narrow down. The song I probably focused on the most was Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Which was originally released in 1975 and technically has nothing to do with today, but hey, it’s the song I most related to in 2016. Which might seem crazy, but the words resonate with me, as a mom, as my kids grow older. So there’s that. And I love the live version where Stevie says, “this is for you, Daddy”. And I think she is so cool because gosh, she’s a rock star. Oh, and she’s short petite, like me!

Photos I took I’m fond of?

Brooklyn Bridge
Gratz Park, Lexington


Castlewood Park, Lexington


Favorite words I wrote this year?

I don’t plan on getting on the train tomorrow. In the literal sense. I don’t believe it’s necessary to write anything I plan or don’t in this type of venue though. So who knows? I do believe it’s important to allow oneself to be in the extremely solitary and vulnerable place one can only be with oneself. To consider no one else’s future but one’s own. I don’t think that’s selfish, because there’s a fluidity in caring for specific people. So what’s truly good for me is going to be good for my kids, as well. And anyone else in my close circle. And if I’m where I’m supposed to be, well hopefully I’ll be with the people I’m supposed to be with.

go ahead and jump, 10.03.16

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is better than 2016 because….well it never hurts to hope, right?

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