The last few years I’ve picked a word. My word of the year. My word for 2017? First of all, thanks for asking. Second of all, I have two. Words. Because I’m not good at decision making and because they’re both applicable, in differing ways.

One of my words is plucky.

Here are some synonyms:

brave, courageous, bold, daring

fearless, intrepid, spirited, game

valiant, valorous, stouthearted, dauntless

resolute, determined, undaunted, unflinching

audacious, unafraid, doughty, mettlesome

Other word of the year?

Create. I’m fairly certain you are familiar with the meaning of create.

Let’s say create is my summa cum laude word. Plucky is my magna. Note, I did not just type MANGO, as in the fruit. Magna, as in the “with honor” designation. Thanks for following there. In case you’re confused, create is my main word. Plucky is my sub word, so to speak.

Now, dear readers of my blog, I have an announcement. No, I’m not engaged to be married or about to quit blogging or anything major like that. Here’s the deal. I’ve decided to write myself a letter. Reminding myself of some of my goals or plans or things I hope to accomplish or whatever this year. Okay, well, it’s sort of a letter/sort of a list. You get the idea. Don’t keep reading if you’re not interested. For my sake because I’d hate to be the person who led you to boredom on this day. If you’re so inclined, read away and by all means, make your own list or write yourself a letter or write someone else a letter because truth be told, receiving an actual letter is pretty great. Well, let me rephrase. If the letter is kind, uplifting and written in a friendly manner it is pretty great. If it consists of a confession of something horrible or states someone wants to break off a relationship or accuses you of being a complete arse….well then it’s not great it’s the opposite. But anyway, if you have something pleasant to say to me and have my mailing address handy, what are you waiting for? Otherwise just read on….

Dear Self, here’s what I think you should do this year of our Lord 2017 [do you like the formality?]:

Write a poem a month / label them 01.17, 02.17, 03.17, etc [I’ve already done January’s!!!].

piece of my poetry…01.17

Do yoga often.

Run and then run some more because you can.

Write because you wrote silly stories for your sister when you were kids and you like to write so keep writing until you get published beyond your own blog and then keep writing.

Continue to avoid sugar because sugar is not good for you [yes, I have drastically cut my sugar intake as of late, and it is, for me, the right thing to do].

Let go of bitterness and stop thinking about what’s already happened because what’s done, is done, said Lady MacBeth so carry on like Norah Jones sings…forgiveness is not for anyone’s sake but your own and the people you will always love [always = forever….but you probably knew that].

Go to concerts. Live music. Spend the money. Go to the park and listen to jazz. Even if you’ve heard it all before. Music is your right and your obligation to yourself. It’s who you are.

Be thankful for the middle schoolers because some of them actually like you and that’s not a small thing because remember when you were 12 and all adults were ridiculous except for maybe two…you’re currently one of the two [at least to a couple kids].

Cauliflower is the food of the year for 2017. Last year was avocado. And you’ll continue to eat avocados but make room for cauliflower.

Take a photo daily. No, not of yourself….nature, your dog, people you love…okay, maybe yourself if you look especially good [kidding….]. Post it on Instagram. Print some photos every week or two. Square prints…4 x 4.  Realize perhaps you’re not a bad photographer….side note…if you follow me on Instagram and have been wondering why in the hellsinki I have been posting a photo per day as of late and sometimes they are extremely dull, such as a photo of a somewhat creative glimpse of a wine glass or my dinner or another ordinary aspect of my day…that’s why.

Read. Stop looking at FB and read. Stop with the Twitter feed. Read hard books. The Russians, like Tolstoy. Faulkner. More Roth. Remember Ernest Hemingway and that photo of your dad in Mexico and that it’s so incredibly strange you remember a specific Saturday in 1985 and the library in your hometown. Because maybe someday you’ll have another opportunity to not make a stupid decision. That, I realize, was a very rambling sort of randomness that nobody in the universe except for me understands but I wrote it solely for my benefit.

Make decisions. Stop being indecisive. Just do something.

Do not ever eat a Little Caesar’s pizza again. Not even a slice of it. It’s not good. You’re better than that. Stay hungry until you can get something better. Even if you’re hungry all night.

Take your supplements. Use lavender oil for perfume if you need to relax. It’s perfectly acceptable. 

Don’t get on your laptop in the middle of the night. No excuses.

Wear lipstick. It’s one of your resolutions.

Make lists. Prioritize [hey…I’m making a list right now!!!].


High quality cheese is a priority.

It’s okay to be a grocery store snob.

Buy nice underwear. Which I realize, dear reader, could mean a myriad of things. Let’s just leave it there.

Take a nap on Sunday if you’re tired.

Brush up on your español.

Planks > crunches. Do planks.

Be hopeful, not fearful. Be hopeful, not fearful. Be hopeful, not fearful.

Let go. Let it fall. Release. Carry on.

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