sun, moon and stars

I heard Here Comes the Sun Friday morning. The first song played, 9am sharp, when Rock & Roots on WUKY began. Apropos I suppose since it was an overcast, somewhat rainy morning. I began crying during the intro. Why? Yes, I know it’s a happy song. So why? I’m not completely sure, but a mini emotional burst of something came forth. Then quickly, I was done. Sad but not in tears.

My daughter and I watched Hidden Figures last week. A movie which is set amongst the Space Race of the 1960s. Sending an American to the moon. Then we watched The Martian. So maybe stars and the moon and the sun are on the forefront of my mind. Maybe?

We [my daughter and I] listened to Don’t Stop Me Now [more space lyrics..]… Somebody to Love. Under Pressure. Driving home from Louisville late Thursday evening. My daughter likes Queen. Rare for today’s teenage girl, I realize. But so be it. I think it’s a good thing.

What does any of this have to do with anything? Who knows? I don’t. I suppose because I don’t care to write about the inauguration or college basketball or privatizing public education [bad idea, trust me]. And I doubt you care to know that I ate a donut for breakfast Friday, plus Mexican food for lunch [with friends]. Even though my general deal with myself is I’m allowed one donut per week, on Sunday morning. Not Friday. And I’d already gone out with a friend on Monday for Mexican food at lunch. I told you I doubt you care, and you don’t, do you?

leftover Mexican food which became Saturday’s dinner

I’ve been listening to a song frequently. Which is rare for me. Not rare to listen to one song over and over. Rare to listen to a love song. Repeatedly. And this song is, that. A love song. I suppose it’s the simplicity that attracts me. No one knows this. As in no one knows I’ve been listening to this song. I have told no one. Which doesn’t mean it’s a secret. I just haven’t mentioned it. So I am now. Oh, you are probably curious as to what it is. Here you go:


Sometimes I wish I could cry. More. Not just a little episode. But a full on, bawl my eyes out situation. There’s a finality to that sort of thing. But it so rarely happens. I believe I’m too hopeful. So I have my moments. But nothing substantial enough because I cling to a glimmer.

I could tell right away

I’d been writ into a play

in a language I’d never known

but it came naturally

it was a hit, I could see by the glint in your innocent eyes

I tightened my belt, stepped into the night and fell over the moon for you*

*Song by Vandaveer. From the album, The Wild Mercury. Lyrics by Mark Charles Heidinger.

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