neighborhood church

I was reminded today. If the Church does what the Church was created to do. The neighborhood church. Open the door. Let a kid walk in. Read. Eat dinner or a snack. Listen. Teach a bit even if. Doesn’t matter if the decor looks like grandma’s. Doesn’t matter if the pastor is not a “jeans only” kinda guy. The neighborhood church has the ability. To change a life. Or a few. Welcome a kid whose parents know no English. A kid whose parents are just happy he has somewhere to go on Wednesday evening. A kid who desperately needs some academic help and despite the fact you were never an A student…you do know how to read. No marketing scheme. Bible story pictures taped to a fellowship hall wall. Kids don’t care. Except that you care. That’s what I was reminded of today. A handful of kids. Three different colors. A handful of adults who are happy to be present. No more. No less. It was a good reminder.

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