Dressed in an odd assortment of non-matching attire, including my Dodgers cap, I left my house today to run errands. Post office followed by YMCA. Meaning I needed to wear gym clothes. I decided to take some photos at a spot I remember being quite scenic last year, as related to this particular season. So between the Y and my next stop, I parked, walked and photographed. Somewhere along the way it hit me. October has, in the past, been a rough month. A month that equals endings. Ending after ending. Which can be both negative and positive. Closure is helpful, correct? And with every ending, there is a beginning.

I also realized something. Joy. Even though I cannot say all is right in the world. I feel joy. Joy in belonging. Joy in knowing. Not everything has to be perfect for there to be beauty.

I believe there is comfort in the freedom of knowing. Sure, there is excitement in wonder and speculation. But a decision made after months of contemplation brings peace. Again, closure. Joy. At least for me.

Journeys take different forms. Some are actual roads we travel. Some are increments of time, bordered by specific events. The journey I just completed was self induced, and I ended up at a very different place than I expected. I ended up right where I started. Sort of. Changed yet geographically the same. Much learned. Some of me given. Wiser? Not sure. Probably. A year older.

I have places in my mind I want to visit. I have tasks I want to accomplish which will not require an actual trip down a literal road, yet will require a journey in my mind and heart.

I have learned God sometimes answers in silence. Or else I find comfort in pretending he does. Also grace. I have rediscovered grace. Or maybe learned its actual meaning.

Changes will come. Soon, I’m certain. Overcast and cold today, I’m reminded winter comes no matter what. The circular pattern of seasons will continue as always. Yet, I have completed a process. Put a tack in the wall and will now move. Forward. Belonging.

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