brevity matters not…sometimes

I’m reminded experiences matter. Often, at least to me, more so than actual, physical things. Time with someone I care about. Time spent alone which enables me to process and grow. While I’m thankful, grateful, whatever word one might choose…for my house, car, shoes, food. Thankful for specific people who are much more important, obviously than things…I feel the need to again, remind myself, that experiencing something, i.e. an encounter or happening, is worthy of note. So I wrote the following. For the most part, as a reminder to myself.

Be thankful for moments. Days. Car rides. Wednesday nights with middle and high school girls. A few days a year when I pick her up at the airport. Opportunity to hear him play. Her sing.

Time. Be grateful for time. Tiny, tiny slices which afford. Life is only seconds added to seconds, repeated. So I must take advantage of the segments when offered something important.

Celebrate. Interactions. Brevity matters not since so much of life is mundane. Take hold and cling to a walk home in the dark. Alone. The moon. Another tiny slice way up high in the sky. Just as beautiful though as a full moon. Harvest moon. Any moon. A piece of art God designed to let me know.

When I’m back home I forget. Become distracted. Favorite moments end up memories. And events planned can end up muddled in just that. Plans. Take advantage of the unexpected. Smiles. Encouraging words. Lunch time.

Their childhood is now only past happenings. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about it can be changed. Now it’s a brunch on a rainy day. A church I don’t attend but will today. So I can hear. Thoughts and sounds and everything. Years and years compounded into establishing who someone is.

Reminders not to let anything slip. Away. Away equals gone. So I cherish. Sharing walks amongst trees. Holiday occurrences. Routines we’ve established. Just us.

Reaching out. Not forcing. Only reaching. Hoping for a time. Not ever truly knowing how long. Thanking her, him, you, God. Whispering to the moon “how beautiful…” Grateful for the sunshine despite the frigidity of the day, week, season. Holding onto what I can only be thankful for. Hoping. Again, for a time.

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